Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ever think of suicide before ?

Train is prepare to suicide !!
(I got this from my friend.)

I found it to be very interesting and at the same time it raises my doubt on why do Japanese like to take their own lives.As a matter of fact, Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world.I bet jumping onto a moving train is the most popular suicide style of all.Especially in Tokyo it is almost a daily routine.Japanese trains are so punctual that if it comes late, one can easily guess that the train had bang on someone.

Why human suicides ??

1. Because of lost love
2. Because of stress in job
3. Because of money problem etc

But in Japan I found out that they suicide on different reasons.They can even (1) suicide just because of bullying problem in school or (2)just because they are too bored with their life or (3)just plainly because of embarassment. Isnt it too fragile ?? In Japan everybody can suicide!!From country's top minister,headmaster of a school to a primary school student.And they can even kill their own neighbour just because they are noisy. I was shocked to read a news today that a policeman has took his own life in his very own policebox.Isnt he the one who is suppose to stop people from suiciding ?!!

I cant understand why. Can we call this a different of culture?

To me, no matter how harsh a problem turns out...suicide will never be in my option!!

By the way, today i was asked to introduce my lab in front of my junior so that they can have a rough picture on what to expect and in the meantime help them decide on which lab to choose.
Frankly said, everyone in my lab hates our lecturer especially there is this one girl who planned to critise him to the worst so that nobody will come to our lab next year.She asked me to dont hate him but still i dont like his i didnt promise her.But dont know why,in front of my juniors unconsciously everything came out from my mouth was only bad words about him.

Now i felt a bit guilty as i did something which i had always critise.Am I being influenced into the japanese way of talking bad words behind one's back.

sorry to my sensei...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Short weekend holiday

My school sponsored us,the kisarazu kosen foreign students to holiday yet again. This time it is a bit different as it is a combine trip with oyama kosen foreign students and it is 2 days long. They came to visit our kosen.

On the 1st day, we played a friendly football match. We as the home team lost 2-3 !! such a shame :( When we were leading 2-1,suddenly they got a penalty and a fast goal was soon to follow up too.When we were just trying to attack back, the game was ended by my sensei as it is time to depart. 悔しいです!!
Then we went to a small aquarium museum and day one trip just ended like that. But actually the fun part come in the night when we have our own free time. I teached my kohais and oyama kosen fellow a game called "mafia" and we really enjoyed the game that we played till 4 something.

The next day, our 1st stop was a famous lighthouse called nojima lighthouse in chiba, tateyama area.
Taken from the top.Should have taken the lighthouse horr...abit disappointed :(
Our group photo:
Can u noticed that i'm barefooted ?

Actually before the pic was taken, I ventured into the sea barefooted!!
On the way back, I carelessly fell into the sea and injured my left foot!!Needless to say, for the rest of the day I sited in the bus with my pants wet.can u see the super tiny cut on my foot ? After i got that cut, two beautiful girls came over and helped me cleaned it. A blessing in disguise? haha

Next we visited a shrine which has the biggest marble block on top of its roof.It is being recognised by the world guiness book of record, so says the guide. It cant be seen clearly in this picture, but actually the marble block continues into the pic.

Then we headed to a boat trip where they threw food into the sea to attract madai fish. But sadly, before the slower fish can get a bite on it many birds came and rob it away. But still i enjoy the view of birds too !!
Next we went for some routine souvenirs buying and thats the end of my this short trip. Now i injured both my left and right worrying now that i cant enjoy snowboard later this month :(

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I failed !!

As the tittle says, I failed !! Fail in what ? I failed in an exam. No ,no not my school exam !! I failed my driving test in Japan !! what a shame considering i have been driving in Msia for more than 3 years. One simple reason,they are damn strict here. It is almost miracle for a foreigner to pass in one go. Ya, Jap almost all passes in one go but we are different. I just applied for a change from Msian license to Jap license and it costs only few thousand yen whereas a normal way(going to driving school , practice blablabla ) will simply costs more than 30 man.

The test is divided into 2 parts of written test and skill test.I easily cleared the first hurdle. After the 1st test i waited for around 2 weeks to sit for the skill test. I wonder why they need such a long time to test me !! Japs just like queueing up for everything.They can queue up for many hours just to buy something. I guess they feel more satisfy when they sweat for the stuff they want. So i suspect they do apply this mentality to driving test too maybe ?? Waiting wont make the driving test look more prestige ok !!

The doom day

Finally the day has come. I have been waiting to the legend says that foreigner cant pass in one go!! Furthermore i have a one year blank and without practice(one practice session costs more than 1 man~ i better fail for it) i will be sitting for a manual. The ingredients was enough to fail.

The engine stopped the moment i started it. Cis ,the last person didnt set it into freegear. So the test started and before i can finished the course he asked me to drive home. Yup , it means I failed !!
The good thing is they told me where I failed.

1st reason :

Didnt look at my left and right while im driving .

Crazy-kah !! How can i swing my head to my sides while im driving. Of course I'm aware of whats on my side just that i didnt do big actions.
I did check my left and right at junctions and he did agree but just that while driving...argghhh...i still cant believe :(

2nd and the last reason ( ya, 2 is good enough):

Before entering a S-corner , I sided a bit to my right.

Hard to understand ,an illustrated image below !!

He said this will disturb cars on the opposite side. Hey the road is so wide la mister, and it is just so little. aissyhh..

Anyway, it is not that i wanna complain on the system just that im abit frustrated.
To MY driving test instructor,see you again next year. Ya, u got me right! the waiting game starts all over again..i have to wait till next year to sit for it again.

By the way , even before i get a Jap license. I have already been driving in Japan..hahaha

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Here comes the shortest season of the year. Autumn is a month when trees turn into red or yellow etc. Almost 2 weeks ago, I went to see those beautiful colorful trees in TAkao-san. It was full of bad luck events. Actually besides seeing those beautiful leaves we were planning to enjoy our meal at a famous delicious shop we saw in TV. The shop has only ONE menu,ya you got me right only ONE and it is a 1 kg monjya beef like this :

Ya maybe it does look small in this picture, but believe me it is huge. 1 Kg ok? we are not Malayan tiger !! There is this legend that this boss so arrogant that sometimes he even stop people from entering his shop. Only those he is familiar with can get hidden menus. However we dont even get our chance to be chased away :(
The shop was closed on the day we went and we curiously asked the boss next door. He said that no one knows when the shop operates !! Everything depends on his mood !! Wow , sounds like a legendary shop...cheh !! so delicious meh but nonetheless make me feel like trying my luck again next time. Im just a normal human with a problem of wanting something we dont get easily !!
We wasted so much time on this fruitless detour. We were supposed to head to TAkao-san now but actually not long ago my junior,James had called me and said that he wanna join us watching red leaves too. The day is already getting late..if we wait...we might end up getting nothing today.So, we indulged into a conversation sounds as following

me : so how? wanna wait for him?
LYK : it is bad to leave him isnt it?
KLE : arent you the one who ask him to come out?
..........................Out of a sudden............................................

me : mm...okla, we leave him here but lets wait for him on the mountain.
HBC : how about you 2, we just need another vote ??
LYK : not good leh
KLE : I vote on waiting for him.
............................this make it tie at 2-2.................................
me : Okla..lets risk ourself of not seeing red leaves but we must wait for him.

so this is how our second bad event of the day get started.We simply wasted our time walking around waiting for his arrival.

Finally we reached Takao-san. There is this great museum of art we wanted to enter but since we were running out of time so we decided to head for the top of the mountain 1st. At this point, we almost missed the last lift trip up if hadn't James ran all the way from railway station. As a result ,our red leaves sightseeing trip which was supposed to be our main turned into a shortened trip of " RUNNING, SNAPPING, RUNNING, SNAPPING, RUNNING, SNAPPING" all the way to the top. And still this is what we can get :( Me with the late-boy.Isnt it a bit dark?? Isnt it fully dark now? sorry to say this, but aren't the guy second from right appears like his face got rubbed by an eraser :p
With only half satisfaction, we went downhill only to find out that the museum is already close..OMG bad luck struck again.It is a magic art museum and this is a 2D picture at the entrance.Finally we ended our trip with a nice dinner in an Italian restaurant i suggested.
NExt month I will be very busy especially because of MALAYSIA NIGHT 2007 !! PLease everybody support me and confirm your attendance. Here is the official poster :) Waiting for you :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

萌え = moe!

The word "moe" is not even in my electronic dictionary but for those who learn japanese or stay in japan it is a word that nobody don't know. Loosely translated it should be something like u feel excited or high when u see some particular stuff.For example when a guy who like girl with school uniform , he will feel 'moe' when he does see one. And he will says out the word 'moe' usually to his friend or even in front of the object.
Yesterday,I read a funny post about moe in my japanese friend's blog. One day , he saw some writing on his desk.It is written as following " please write down anything that make you feel moe". And there are already 22 entries.Of course it is written by different person who coincidently sit there. He himself added 3 entries later on. I cant understand the meaning of most of the entries so i asked him to explain to me almost one by one. I found it so interesting that i wanna share it here before i forget.
So here is the list !!

1ツンデレ(tsundere)= someone who will treat u very well but sometimes become very moody and easily get angry. Some sort of hot and cool person...

2ヤンデレ(yandere)= someone with heart problem? always seem dark...

3クーデレ(cool-dere)=someone who is very cool ( can considered quite normal)

4ロリ(rori)=famously refered as rorikon.Someone who likes small young girl.( It is such a serious social problem.Even in Msia cases of raping young girl are on the rise!!)

5ショタ(shota)=It is the same as above just that this refers to someone who like young boy.


7妹(imoto)=younger sister

8ババデレ(babadere)=someone who will pamper and treat u like a baby.

9不思議ちゃん(fusigichan)=someone who is strange.

10委員長(iincho)= chairperson

11メイド(meido)= maid ( not those maid in Msia, it is maid who wear costume as below)

12どじっ娘(dojikko)= Very careless girl.For example: someone who always break stuff no matter how many times you warn her.Basically cant be cured.

13にぱー☆(nipa-)= i dont really understand this:( He said that it is a word that quite famous among young kid now.

14つるべた(tsurubeta)=airport= the opposite of big breast

15姉(ane)= elder sister

16制服(seifuku)=costume , basically refers to school uniform.

17ブルマ(buruma)= short short. Almost the same like one a marathon runner wears.

18スク水(sukumizu)=japanese high school girl's swimwear

19スパッツ(subattsu)=tight clothing

20チアコス(chiakosu)= Cheerleader cosplay

21獣耳(kemonomimi)=girls with beast ears!! Of course it only exists in anime world.

22黒スト(kurosuto)=black stoking

Now i'm one step closer to understand why many peoples think that japanese man is hentai. But i feel that all man or even woman must have their own preference type of opposite sex just that they are not as specific as japanese and as open as them to talk it out.Me too have my own "moe" button. So do you have one?

Monday, November 12, 2007

School trip to Kamakura

For the last 2 days , I had another great weekend. On Saturday I joined my school trip to Kamakura where Japan biggest outdoor Buddha Statue calls home. I had read about the statue story long time ago. But after almost 3 years, now only i have the chance to pay a visit.How big is it? It's height is around 7 m. is not as big as what I have expected!!

There is this temple where i drew a fortune slip. What a disappointment, i drew a「凶」 slip which means bad luck.My teachers and friends brushed it away and advised me not to be so superstitious. I am never a superstitious guy but hey it just simply lingers in my mind.How can someone easily forget that he got a bad luck slip..can u ?? I tried to forget it and continue my trip happily. Hiking in the mountain , walk here and there then our trip ended at around 3pm. Here is our group photo.

Then , it is time to buy souvenir. It is a japanese culture to buy souvenir whenever u go visit some places.Anyway i bought a cookie called "hatosabuure" which is famous there. It is something like the picture below.

Little did i know that this very cookie will create a mystery to me.

After that, everybody followed school bus back home except me, Doink and my nihongo sensei.That evening i have meeting in Tokyo area so i continued my trip to Tokyo. While waiting for the meeting starts, I coincidently saw my friend who i havent seen for months. Was so suprised and happy to see her after such a long tme. Meeting ended successfully and my next stop was my senior house.
The next day went back and straight to my school lab to do experiment yet again :(
I left my souvenir in my room unattended and i didnt even lock my room. It is a norm for me to practice open door policy. :)
After such a hard day, i can finally go back to my room to seek some rest. When i entered my room, i saw one of my cookie missing.

Oh my god, someone eaten my cookie without permission.Of course I dont mind if u take but please at least throw away the plastic bag and the thief even left this paper on my table:

It reads 「盗難届け」. It is a form where people fills to report missing valuabes. How daring is this guy !!!! Is he trying to challenge me !! but i like this thief, he has good sense..haha!! I suspect he must be someone near me.I asked some of friends today, but all of them denied and just praised the thief.What , i am the victim la please !! So after all the bad fortune slip was true.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Research day

For the whole day today,i was doing T-N experiment. Simply said it is an experiment to test water quality. For the 1st time, i felt the usefulness of stuffs i do in my research lab. Actually there is this NPO who pays us to test the seawater quality for them. They are planning to do something in the sea..i heard maybe to breed some dolphins??
Finally my technical skill has come to use. Feel a bit proud but nonetheless worry too as it is not a normal school experiment where u can simply give any stupid excuses for wrong data. Wrong data will misleads or even dampen my school lab reputation. I successfully completed my experiment but still face the possibility to redo it if the data doesn't match with other experiments my companion did. Doing is hard but washing is even harder.It inflicted some back pain on me :(

finally can afford to take a picture...

But tomorrow , i still have to help my friend who failed in his experiment :( isyhhh...he is just so careless !!
by the way , here is a picture of me and the main culprit who change my face till halfway...she was planning to apply lipstick, faux eyelid , etc onto me!! luckily god save me..haha

so how ?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

bunkasai - My school open day

Last weekend was my school open day. It means that everybody can come in without any security check. Isnt it the best time for terrorist attack ?? And if any terror attack were to happen then we are sure to be the first one to be suspected as we are foreigners. Instead of planning a terrorist attack we foreigner students ( or in japanese : ryugakusei ) came together to open a stall to earn some money. We simply name our stall "international station" and our products are tomyum-mee and chrysanthemum tea. Unlike years before we even made our original T-shirt this time. We are trying on our products. It is so delicious that everybody is too busy to look at the camera. Can't see the image on the T-shirt ?? Here is a clearer image !! Isnt it a catchy slogan and some of us even too embarass to wear it..hehe !! By the way , this guy is our best promotor of all time. He is too good that he sells way faster than we can even make. Indirectly it caused tension in our camp to prepare fastly. Few accidents happened where customers complained that our noodle was too hard. I was the cooker and this made me felt sorry.

On the first day, disaster struck. Raining heavily whole day. And around evening typhoon got me right it was Typhoon !! Of course it wasn't as destructive as hurricane Katherine but it was still strong enough to end the life of 2 of my umbrellas. :(

R.I.P. My umbrella turned like this within seconds.

Typhoon stopped train service and by taking no risk all following activities were CANCELLED. Yeah, the so called man-dress-like-woman contest was cancelled too. They should have made this decision much earlier. I was in the middle of making up. For more than 30 minutes , my face belonged to my classmate. She without sympathy conteng here and there and denied me the right to look on my face during the making-up process. Think of it, it was quite scary. As it was only halfway, i didnt take any picture but she did.Currently waiting for the picture from her. Actually the day before i do tried on the outfit to make sure that it fits me.

Does it fit me ? With some make-up and fake F-size boobs i was supposed to be the hottest nurse on earth. :p haha...!!

The next day , weather clears up and we succesfully overturn our modal and earned SOME money.
Our humble stall.
The best workers.
So my final kosen-sai ended with me failing to show my feminine side. Overall it was really a memorable one and thanks to everyone who makes this event successful.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Presentation on my research work

I presented my research work on Tuesday and luckily it turns out fine. Anyway there is a huge problem on what to do next !! Me and my partner wanna do something else but my lecturer just dont let us do. He basically deny all of our ideas and always think that he is on the right side. What a brainless or should i say self-arrogant person. Sometimes what he says dont even make sense !! Feel like arguing with him but i can sense that if i do so there will be no ending. He can nag on me and my partner for over 90 minutes !! When the ending is coming my partner sigh then my teacher got fired up and continue for another 15 minutes. Finally i cant stand anymore and excuse myself to toilet. Only then he realised that he had talked nonsense for so long. Wake up la... I always wonder how come people like this can become a teacher in research work. He never understand the spirit of research work...he just do everything to his liking but not base on scientific facts. Thinking of him makes me sick....Now I just cant wait to go to University next year and do research that i have always wanted and long for.

Set aside those bad experiences , actually this month there are many fun events ahead. There is motorshow in my area and my college open day. Me and my gangs are planning to open a stall and we had our own uniform equipped with catchy slogan ordered too. That night itself im gonna enter a man-dress-like-woman contest !! Such a embarassing contest right?? Most of the people will think like that - I assume. As no one from my class dare enough to do it to me it is like " why not ? It is my final year in college and i should leave something to be remembered right"
Please be my judge !! This is my picture when i dress normally !! My contest will be on next Saturday :) !!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

another casual outing

Three days holiday has come again!! how can i stay in my room only...can u ?? But 3 days are too short to go faraway (was impossibly planning to go to hokkaido or shirakawago) At the end, I settled down my plan just to visit and stay over at my friends' place. It is not that their place not interesting just that i have been there for more than 3 times..haha !! Anyway they have a new shopping complex there but without offense to me it is just another shopping place.
Had a simple party that night. I made some sushi myself ...does it look tasty to you ?Dont be deceived by how it looks ! As part of a mini game, i put a lot of wasabi in some of it. I actually ate one of the super hot stupid of me isnt it? made a trap and get myself into it :p I should have remember which one is the hot one...issyhhhh

Then it is time for traditional "kanpai" = cheers !!
These cups look lame isnt it ? not something to fill in alcohol right...hehe

By the way , it is believed that this tradition comes from england war time era when spying and assassination is so feared that when drinking with enemies or even friends they practiced this custom so that the water in both cups will mix together. Then off course if there is poison in either one of the cup both will die. Simply said it is started as a precaution step to prevent drink poisoning.

Back to my story,the next day I went to ustunomiya where i had some the so-called best "gyoza " in japan.
just look like normal gyoza right ? it tasted as one too...

Then my friend went to shopping. Girls really like shopping . Me and another 2 guys having nothing better to do had a detour to a nearby japanese temple. Then at around late evening, we went back and before that had some pictures taken. Can u guess what am i doing in the picture?

a. I just collected a garbage ?
b. Just too tired to stand.
C. trying to look cool ?
d. was preparing to give my friend a piggyback ride.

At night play some card games and then the very next day , after delaying few times finally reached my place at late night. Yush , cant wait for the next weekend !!

Monday, October 1, 2007

casual outing

Is it autumn has already started ?? It is getting cooler and cooler and i prefer the weather to be like this :) I just finished my exam last friday and to relax myself abit i called my friends and organized a simple hanabi ( fireworks observation) outing. As usual it is planned at the last minute.Luckily again i managed to get enough sporting peoples. Although it was raining that day , we still had a great time together. Got to know some super senpai.

The members. You should know who am i right? i dont really like this picture as the angle taken doesn't make me look cool..hehe !!
But as i didn't bring my own camera, i don't have any other choices.

After that we went to senpai's house and a friend of her was so lovely that she served us mooncake. I really love it as it has been 3 years since the last time i have one. Then senpai started to talk about japanese sex life which turned out to be quite educational to me...haha.
Next me and 2 friends headed to another senpai house. There we spent a night and played cards until 3-4 in the morning. I was so lucky that night to won quite a lot :) But out of sympathy i foot the bill for my friend's dinner on the next day.( actually i believe that by giving back i can win more next time..hehe ) Then before going back home , spent some time shopping for autumn clothing in Harajuku, the so called japanese fashion street.

till next time....

Monday, September 24, 2007

tokyo game show 2007

Im in the middle of year-end semester exam but there is no reason not to have fun right ??
So I went to the famous one of only two game shows in the world. I am not an avid gamer as I am 5-6 years ago. Lately I am abit outdated from the game world but nonetheless i still enjoyed the gameshow.

Though I have to admit that cosplay which is the side show ( or to some it is the mainshow :p) was really interesting. HEre is pic of a girl I took and she told me not to spread it or blog it...who cares...hehe !! Then off course there are many who like to be taken...

There are still a lot of great cosplays but for long i havent equip myself with my camera so i can only take limited pictures with my handphone. MY camera's battery is lousy which can only lasts at most 1 hour :(

By the way , anyone here knows japanese idol,ASami ?? I was so lucky to win in a small competition and got a fan from her with her signature on it !! But the problem is I dont who is she and will never be a fan of her. Still it is such a waste to throw it away right ? anyone interested ??

she is so heavily surrounded by her fan so i can only manage her side photo !!looks familiar to you ?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

i conquered Mt Fuji - shirtless

It is the highest mountain in Japan. The weather is harsh on the top. EAsily around 2-3 degrees or even below freezing point. But I and one of my equally crazy friend conquered it without our shirt on...haha !! CAnt u feel the difference looking on what other people are wearing ?
PS: Dont try it. I caught a cold straight after that !!

phew...i found you back !!

It is not long since the last time i posted an article but i had hard time finding back my this site !!
I dont know why.Maybe, because i started this blog just purely to waste some of my time. So i didnt even really try to remember the passwords and username i set at first. Anyway luckily today all of a sudden i succesfully recalled everything . So I decided to write a post.


1st of all , i am on cloud nine as i passed Tokodai. It is considered as the best among the University which got engineering course only. It is like what MIT is to US . So i will be staying in the middle of Tokyo starting next year. One of the hippest and biggest city in the world. I can imagine that i will be enjoying it though im sure that i will be busy studying too. But i have confidence that i can deal it well :) But is it the right choice to stay in Tokyo ? much more money will be spend...this is where many people gain stress in their life...there might be big earthquake coming... But to me no where else can beat tokyo !! why ? i am still searching the answer...or maybe u can tell me !!

Friday, July 20, 2007

what the heck ?!

ouch , i had a bad day today :(
Today suppose to be a good day as it is the last day of school before summer break.
mm...well it is not the case for me :(

As the summer break starts today , a big scale assembly is held. The same case like back in msia the assembly is full of boring talks by headmaster , discipline teacher i felt so boring that I actually lie down and slept in the assembly hall. Then there is this guy ( my class monitor ) suddenly shout at me and ask me to get up !! Hey ..who the heck are you !! You are the one who always sleep in the class during lesson !! I know u like attention..he is the one who always trying to make fun of others so he can attract attention to him. You know those kind of classical brat kid who longed for attention . Ya I know it is my fault to sleep at those time but hey is there a need to shout and whats so big deal about it !! I just kept silence as i don't trouble trouble unless trouble troubles me. Just really feel sick thinking of it. Grrrrr.......

Then after that it is another small meeting in my lab room. My teacher gave us so many stuffs to do in the summer holiday which means my summer holiday is gone. I still have to study for my exam...arghhh !! Next when Im finally back at my room , i made mistake on writing some very important stuff !! Have to take another new application form. Such a bad day..dont u agree ? At least give me some happiness tonight......

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The second

So as expected i passed Gidai. Of course Im happy but not very. I dont know why. Actually I really like this school as i can do my favourite research there and i believe it will one day ultimately become useful to this society. Unfortunately ,people normally will look down on this school , just because it is comparatively easy to enter . Why ? Should I care ? Anyway I think i will give a try on other universities too just to at least make sure i wont regret in the future. I wanna live to my heart , i dont wanna lie to him . I know my heart want it so I will try but of course I understand that attempt doesnt necessarily mean success. However , I just cant understand why i cant really concentrate into something for a long time. I need concentration !! I know if i do i can !! But on the same time , I dont like putting excess pressures into my life so I just wanna try hard but not too hard. Sounds like a loser ? So be it ....I have my own way to success. I believe that if we have a aim , sooner or later we will reach it !! One simple rule , practice good attitude.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The first

I am not a blogger and I dont want to be one. Just wanna spend some time to practice my english here maybe. Anyway i was never good in writing and i prefer to use my mouth most of the time.
What should i write ? mm...lately i have been busy studying for university entrance exam with most of time spend in front of the desk. Of course my laptop is on my desk too. So if im not on my book then im on the net !! I wanna go outside and enjoy the coming summer holiday. Sometimes I do wonder why do i have to force myself to study so hard in order to get into so-called "good " university . What if I get into it ? Will it do any good to my future ? place is not a problem but attitude is , isnt it ? Actually i just love city and somewhere near the airport , im trying my luck so that i can spend another 2 years around tokyo.
On the meantime , living in somewhere remote too wont be so bad , isnt it ? At least i can save more money and the people there i assume will be warmer and of course maybe i can concentrate more on my studies or my future research. Again there is no perfect place...i just wanna try and even if i fail just be optimistic and face it. There are many solutions to a problem.