Tuesday, October 30, 2007

bunkasai - My school open day

Last weekend was my school open day. It means that everybody can come in without any security check. Isnt it the best time for terrorist attack ?? And if any terror attack were to happen then we are sure to be the first one to be suspected as we are foreigners. Instead of planning a terrorist attack we foreigner students ( or in japanese : ryugakusei ) came together to open a stall to earn some money. We simply name our stall "international station" and our products are tomyum-mee and chrysanthemum tea. Unlike years before we even made our original T-shirt this time. We are trying on our products. It is so delicious that everybody is too busy to look at the camera. Can't see the image on the T-shirt ?? Here is a clearer image !! Isnt it a catchy slogan and some of us even too embarass to wear it..hehe !! By the way , this guy is our best promotor of all time. He is too good that he sells way faster than we can even make. Indirectly it caused tension in our camp to prepare fastly. Few accidents happened where customers complained that our noodle was too hard. I was the cooker and this made me felt sorry.

On the first day, disaster struck. Raining heavily whole day. And around evening typhoon came.Ya..you got me right it was Typhoon !! Of course it wasn't as destructive as hurricane Katherine but it was still strong enough to end the life of 2 of my umbrellas. :(

R.I.P. My umbrella turned like this within seconds.

Typhoon stopped train service and by taking no risk all following activities were CANCELLED. Yeah, the so called man-dress-like-woman contest was cancelled too. They should have made this decision much earlier. I was in the middle of making up. For more than 30 minutes , my face belonged to my classmate. She without sympathy conteng here and there and denied me the right to look on my face during the making-up process. Think of it, it was quite scary. As it was only halfway, i didnt take any picture but she did.Currently waiting for the picture from her. Actually the day before i do tried on the outfit to make sure that it fits me.

Does it fit me ? With some make-up and fake F-size boobs i was supposed to be the hottest nurse on earth. :p haha...!!

The next day , weather clears up and we succesfully overturn our modal and earned SOME money.
Our humble stall.
The best workers.
So my final kosen-sai ended with me failing to show my feminine side. Overall it was really a memorable one and thanks to everyone who makes this event successful.


Anonymous said...

The T-shirt is very cool .I like it


CRAPPED!! said...

DUDE!! You should have wore that nurse outfit to promote your noodles...

You can actually make them forget that the noodles is undercooked

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see the pic from your friend..Otsukare

Anonymous said...

can i go by the name "the promoter"?lol