Thursday, November 8, 2007

Research day

For the whole day today,i was doing T-N experiment. Simply said it is an experiment to test water quality. For the 1st time, i felt the usefulness of stuffs i do in my research lab. Actually there is this NPO who pays us to test the seawater quality for them. They are planning to do something in the sea..i heard maybe to breed some dolphins??
Finally my technical skill has come to use. Feel a bit proud but nonetheless worry too as it is not a normal school experiment where u can simply give any stupid excuses for wrong data. Wrong data will misleads or even dampen my school lab reputation. I successfully completed my experiment but still face the possibility to redo it if the data doesn't match with other experiments my companion did. Doing is hard but washing is even harder.It inflicted some back pain on me :(

finally can afford to take a picture...

But tomorrow , i still have to help my friend who failed in his experiment :( isyhhh...he is just so careless !!
by the way , here is a picture of me and the main culprit who change my face till halfway...she was planning to apply lipstick, faux eyelid , etc onto me!! luckily god save me..haha

so how ?


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Kelly said...

not bad wor...似合う!hehe

mayc said...

hehh.. NPO pay u all? not volunteer work ka?
aiseh.. too bad got no jyokon.. u can win eh! =D

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CRAPPED!! said...

PLS someone kill me now....don't wanna go on living after seeing this pic!!!!!!!!!!

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