Monday, November 12, 2007

School trip to Kamakura

For the last 2 days , I had another great weekend. On Saturday I joined my school trip to Kamakura where Japan biggest outdoor Buddha Statue calls home. I had read about the statue story long time ago. But after almost 3 years, now only i have the chance to pay a visit.How big is it? It's height is around 7 m. is not as big as what I have expected!!

There is this temple where i drew a fortune slip. What a disappointment, i drew a「凶」 slip which means bad luck.My teachers and friends brushed it away and advised me not to be so superstitious. I am never a superstitious guy but hey it just simply lingers in my mind.How can someone easily forget that he got a bad luck slip..can u ?? I tried to forget it and continue my trip happily. Hiking in the mountain , walk here and there then our trip ended at around 3pm. Here is our group photo.

Then , it is time to buy souvenir. It is a japanese culture to buy souvenir whenever u go visit some places.Anyway i bought a cookie called "hatosabuure" which is famous there. It is something like the picture below.

Little did i know that this very cookie will create a mystery to me.

After that, everybody followed school bus back home except me, Doink and my nihongo sensei.That evening i have meeting in Tokyo area so i continued my trip to Tokyo. While waiting for the meeting starts, I coincidently saw my friend who i havent seen for months. Was so suprised and happy to see her after such a long tme. Meeting ended successfully and my next stop was my senior house.
The next day went back and straight to my school lab to do experiment yet again :(
I left my souvenir in my room unattended and i didnt even lock my room. It is a norm for me to practice open door policy. :)
After such a hard day, i can finally go back to my room to seek some rest. When i entered my room, i saw one of my cookie missing.

Oh my god, someone eaten my cookie without permission.Of course I dont mind if u take but please at least throw away the plastic bag and the thief even left this paper on my table:

It reads 「盗難届け」. It is a form where people fills to report missing valuabes. How daring is this guy !!!! Is he trying to challenge me !! but i like this thief, he has good sense..haha!! I suspect he must be someone near me.I asked some of friends today, but all of them denied and just praised the thief.What , i am the victim la please !! So after all the bad fortune slip was true.


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Anonymous said...

i never eat ur omiyage!!!!!!
dont suspect me,plz:P

Kelly said...

The comment abouve sounds pretty suspicious no?

nazrul said...

haha. nice one! and im not the one who stole your cookie la! haha