Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Here comes the shortest season of the year. Autumn is a month when trees turn into red or yellow etc. Almost 2 weeks ago, I went to see those beautiful colorful trees in TAkao-san. It was full of bad luck events. Actually besides seeing those beautiful leaves we were planning to enjoy our meal at a famous delicious shop we saw in TV. The shop has only ONE menu,ya you got me right only ONE and it is a 1 kg monjya beef like this :

Ya maybe it does look small in this picture, but believe me it is huge. 1 Kg ok? we are not Malayan tiger !! There is this legend that this boss so arrogant that sometimes he even stop people from entering his shop. Only those he is familiar with can get hidden menus. However we dont even get our chance to be chased away :(
The shop was closed on the day we went and we curiously asked the boss next door. He said that no one knows when the shop operates !! Everything depends on his mood !! Wow , sounds like a legendary shop...cheh !! so delicious meh but nonetheless make me feel like trying my luck again next time. Im just a normal human with a problem of wanting something we dont get easily !!
We wasted so much time on this fruitless detour. We were supposed to head to TAkao-san now but actually not long ago my junior,James had called me and said that he wanna join us watching red leaves too. The day is already getting late..if we wait...we might end up getting nothing today.So, we indulged into a conversation sounds as following

me : so how? wanna wait for him?
LYK : it is bad to leave him isnt it?
KLE : arent you the one who ask him to come out?
..........................Out of a sudden............................................

me : mm...okla, we leave him here but lets wait for him on the mountain.
HBC : how about you 2, we just need another vote ??
LYK : not good leh ...mm...
KLE : I vote on waiting for him.
............................this make it tie at 2-2.................................
me : Okla..lets risk ourself of not seeing red leaves but we must wait for him.

so this is how our second bad event of the day get started.We simply wasted our time walking around waiting for his arrival.

Finally we reached Takao-san. There is this great museum of art we wanted to enter but since we were running out of time so we decided to head for the top of the mountain 1st. At this point, we almost missed the last lift trip up if hadn't James ran all the way from railway station. As a result ,our red leaves sightseeing trip which was supposed to be our main turned into a shortened trip of " RUNNING, SNAPPING, RUNNING, SNAPPING, RUNNING, SNAPPING" all the way to the top. And still this is what we can get :( Me with the late-boy.Isnt it a bit dark?? Isnt it fully dark now? sorry to say this, but aren't the guy second from right appears like his face got rubbed by an eraser :p
With only half satisfaction, we went downhill only to find out that the museum is already close..OMG bad luck struck again.It is a magic art museum and this is a 2D picture at the entrance.Finally we ended our trip with a nice dinner in an Italian restaurant i suggested.
NExt month I will be very busy especially because of MALAYSIA NIGHT 2007 !! PLease everybody support me and confirm your attendance. Here is the official poster :) Waiting for you :)


CRAPPED!! said...

From the poster with Santa, kinda ironic that Malays celebrate Christmas don't you think?

Great poster anyway....

nazrul said...

wow! cool poster!

randy urusai!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha....randy urusai! doink angry because this poster is made by him! I like this poster very much. Malaysian Night is not for celebrating christmas! It is a chance that let all malaysians or japanese to get know better of each other.Dont misunderstand ya? Hope everybody will give fullsupport and confirm your attendence now! It's cheap, only 500 yen for MSAJ member if you register now. Let's party!!!

stevelee67 said...

to anonymous..i dont know who are you but tahnks for promoting

Lenna said...

now i know all what happened on that day!!good thing that i couldnt join mhaha!!

calvin said...

didn't know that you have moved to blogspot ady for so long. paiseh =P

this time i could not go for the malaysian night, but the next time i will try to find time. anyway, hoping that it will be a success =)

lyk said...

hey,i juz dont understand why my face was always rubbed when taken photos that day...it may be a sign of bad luck that day!!!!so next time take my photo before going out and i will tell u whether ur trip on that day is a success or failure.=p

lyk said...

btw,u should post ur vampire photo after eating "black-ink" spaghetti.=p