Saturday, March 22, 2008

graduation ceremony


I am a graduate now!! just a diploma graduate though...

It took me 3 years...short ? long ?

To me it was long, as many times I am frustrated with the life in college. It is not as fun as I 1st imagined it will be.

Luckily I managed to find many activities outside and those activities were actually the highlight of my 3 years in Japan.Like my involvement in Malaysian Students Association in Japan, interacting with other foreign students in Tokyo, joining volunteer stuff and most fun of all undoubtedly is my many trips to overseas with my batch's friend.

Anyway back to my graduation day...

The main ceremony was kinda boring.I just have to sit and don't even have to go and take my own certificate. I fell asleep a few times during the ceremony.some boring talk...
his this suit (hakama) costs around 40 man...a whopping 13k in Malaysia...unbelievable!! if only some tomato sauce fall onto it..hehe

luckily the party after that was much more fun :)

1st party : some sort like cocktail party in the gymnasium hall..
see the basket...

one of my partner in my lab. Was so suprised that she will be going to marry soon.As lately so many girls like to marry late especially japanese woman, I'm really quite shocked but nevertheless congrats to her.
the doctor who cured my sore throat(story in my last entry)..if it was not her maybe i won't graduate..

2nd party: Thanksgiving party to lecturers. Held in a wedding hall.Was quite expensive.
my face is very sensitive to alcohol.
expressing my gratitude to all the teachers...

was a short and smart ceremony..

3rd party: drinking party in a local bar = time to tell it all

After some alcohol drinks,Japanese turned into non-Japanese...
on my left is my tutor..he is really a great guy..mmm..quite hot-tempered though!! He even fight with teachers!!

late in the night, things really got heat up !! some even fight for some love problems.Broke few glasses...

Some even came to me and cried and tell me how important was I,I am really touched...

I will remember u all...thanks for the 3 years !! another chapter in my life ended
my football kaki and party partners..:)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

always come when unwanted

Ever have the experience that when u want something and it is not there but when you don't need it,it is there !!

When I woke up last Tuesday, I found out that my vocal cord wasn't working and I can't speak a proper word. :(
It was really a shock,I'm so worried as in another 2 days I was supposed to give my final graduation presentation. How if my voice can't heal on time? Can i still graduate?

It was Wednesday and I still can't speak. Not only me, my sensei was also very worried about me. As the last resort,i tried everything.

I medicine sprayed my throat almost every hour
I had traditional Pei Pa Kao from Msia
I consumed lots of Hacks and Vicks
I applied super mask
I tried not to talk the whole day
I ate flu pills
My friend guide me to the clinic in my school and all the doctor said that even i go to hospital i can't heal on within one day !! but still I in believe in miracle...

Now here is the tricky part, I so hard wanna tried constrain myself from talking but god just didn't allow...

Ever had those lonely days when u hoped someone will call u but no one did? But now at the moment I just hoped that no one will call me. But...

ring! ring ! In the morning my mom called from overseas.She seldom call me at this time so it must be something very important. No reason not to pick up,right?
Then in the evening there is this friend M called. In the phone I told him I'm hurt and can't speak properly but his response was don't play a fool la...say properly la...i got something important to ask la... I appear like someone who likes to play such joke ? ..think of it...maybe yes.. This made me recall the story of a guy who always lied and at the end nobody believe him.

then continue to the late evening, another 2 persons this point I can't believe why there are so good in the timing. At least, they were better as they ended their conversation fast when they realized i'm sick. At night when i was just trying to sleep earlier another guy called...

I forced myself to talk so many times and went to sleep thinking that there must be no chance i will be cured tomorrow.

The next morning, i didn't try to talk. I saved my voice until almost last minute then voice is back but of course is not 100% !! I was soooo happpyyyy and really so thankful to god that i can speak. Somehow managed to handled my presentation but can't give my best but at least better than can't even present at all, right??

phew...felt a huge boulder is off my shoulder...I can finally confirm my graduation now, i guess :)

The next day, my nightmare continue...i received more calls than strange...i bet no one will call me when im healed later..hehehe

Anyway now I'm looking forward to my coming overseas holiday and really hope that by that time my throat can heal 100% ...

group photo after my final graduation presentation.Can u find me inside there?