Monday, February 25, 2008

reaching the end

February gonna end soon. My graduation presentation will be this coming thursday...after that I can finally enjoy some rest after such a hectic kosen 5th year.

Today i held a farewell party with my japanese sensei. She came to kisarazu kosen the same year as mine so we can be considered as her most loved students. From being a single to going to marry soon, me and other 5th year students had seen at all. I still remembered once when I suggested a dating plan to her and coincidentally her boyfriend planned that and she actually got proposed on that very date.

Today is the last day. The last day which we will sit in that small room attending to her class.To make it special we had a unplanned small party in ryuugakusei canteen.Wanted to buy a cake but no nearby shop selling...

So I made it my own. As it was out of a sudden, i cant make any fancy one but just made a sponge cake. She liked it very much but she said it tasted like castella.
Not so successful but everybody love it...:)

Doink's fried chicken was very nice too. Thanks to everyone who made this small farewell party successful. The 5th year students and sensei...

By the way, I was invited by senpai that day to share house. So it might be the best choice of getting cheap and good house. And of cos the size will be bigger too :) Welcome welcome...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Keep on finding

Thats the result of my mini poll. As I was born in a democratic country,I do always follow majority and I will keep on finding at the time being.Now I'm even thinking of continuing my hostel life...

Last week Tuesday...

When the clock struck 12, a bunch of guys banged into my room...
Happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you...happy birthday to me!!

Thanks for the celebration.But I wonder am i really 23 at that time ? As I was born in Malaysia and precisely I am only 22 yrs 11 months 30 days 23 hours at that time...right?

Hope my wishes do come true though

The next day, my 1st and best African friend, Nyonjo organized a birthday event for me. He drove me and another 3 of our peers to a nice restaurant faraway which took almost 40 mins.

Thanks for the 2nd cake!! The guy next to me is proudly showing off his jacket from his GF :p

Next, we headed to JJ club. A place where u can play anything u want !! 1st we played bowling and as usual I'm the weakest :(
Can u see my green ball heading towards the gutter ??

I managed only one strike and it is not even in my scoresheet. Why ?? Because I MISTAKENLY bowled when it was actually Nyonjo's turn :( He tried to return the favor but failed. He is suppose to be the strongest among us though...
Celebration ended with us all singing in karaoke.Enjoyed till 5 am in the morning.WAs so sleepy and tire the next day :(

Special thanks to Koay for your super gift which can one day get into me trouble for being noisy..hehe.

To Ueno aka Intele who gave me japanese sword. Last year and this year.But what am i suppose to do with it? please someone make me hate you so i can..hehe..use it on u!!

Of course million thanks to everyone who wished me and gave me presents during my birthday.