Monday, September 15, 2008

In holiday

what is the best way to enjoy holiday ?

Just stay and rest at home ?

Go holiday all around ?

Go meet all those childhood friends?

Go play is fun but in the end i will be worn out. Isnt holiday suppose to be a rest ?

If stay at home only and i will be boring.It is not what i want.Isnt holiday suppose to be we do what we want ?

I tried to stay put at home before but after 3 days im dying to go out.I guess the best is to strike a balance.

now preparing to go MElaka tomoro after coming back from Penang.

HEre are 2 pictures from my HK trip.
Hk famous night viewenjoying night view on a HK junk boat with a wine of glass ;)

Tomorrow is the day. I think no way Anwar can do it tomorrow but maybe yes in the future.I heard rumor there might be something on Sept 18.

Hope the drama of malaysian politic will end soon.Without stability comes no promises.

nah...better focus on how to enjoy my holiday..hehe

Friday, September 5, 2008



I'm back this early morning after almost 2 years.

Glad to see familiar faces which are not so familiar anymore.

Will go around with my jap friends but not so sure where is the nicest place to show beside my house.any ideas ???? Melaka and Penang will be in the list.

Nothing to say..just wanna post something...haha

Drop me a call..i cant contact many of you as i dont have my phone anymore..;(