Friday, September 5, 2008



I'm back this early morning after almost 2 years.

Glad to see familiar faces which are not so familiar anymore.

Will go around with my jap friends but not so sure where is the nicest place to show beside my house.any ideas ???? Melaka and Penang will be in the list.

Nothing to say..just wanna post something...haha

Drop me a call..i cant contact many of you as i dont have my phone anymore..;(


lyk said...

ok,1st kajang for satay=P

Sakura said...

hi there~ saw ur comment in 'crapped's' blog.. i'm 'crapped's' former primary school and high school mate ^^

what caught my eye was the word 'environment' listed in your profile.. I studied botany and a bit of environmental studies when i was in uni.. hard to find ppl who studies those besides my coursemates, haha..

i read that you're looking for good places to go? Are you from Melaka? I'm from Melaka ^^

stevelee67 said...


Ya I am interested in researching about stuff how to protect our environment in the field of vivil eng.

Anyway Im not from Melaka. I am a city guy :)

sakura said...

oo~~u r a rare species of environmental protectors, lol ^^

city guy? kl, maybe?

Anonymous said...

bring them watch our beach

stevelee67 said...

ya..i stay in kl :) going to bring my fren to melaka(ur hometown?) tomoro

sakura said...

hey, jz only read ur comment. 2day's 16/9.. ah, it means u're probably finished touring melaka?

yup, i'm fm melaka. how's melaka? managed to eat any nice food? c any nice places? took any nice photos?