Saturday, August 23, 2008

D runway

I am building airport.Precisely is the extension area of Haneda International Airport.

Do you know that by passengers number, Haneda is second to none in Asia.Even Narita loses to Haneda..take note!! As they expect the number will continue the rise,and building a new airport in Tokyo will be way too expensive therefore they opt to build a new runway in Haneda.( )As there is no more free land area in Tokyo bay, they have to build it on sea.The company which i will join for 2 weeks is an extreme expert in reclamation project. They did many reclamation project in Singapore which represents 8% of the tiny colony.The famous "terusan Seuz" is also one of their project.

My job is very easy..just draw some stuff on AutoCad and drink beer with them..haha.They can't give a student like me to do important job,can they? Last week is my 1st week there and it was really an eye-opener to me.For the 1st time I really understand how they do mega project.
In another 2 years,i will take off from this very piece of land i'm standing now.

Seeing how they work inside, I keep wondering can Malaysian company do the same ? Do they have the discipline? At least for now, i think they don't have,thats the difference why they are on top of us now. Not only they build but also always keep researching for new technology.I mean they really research.In Malaysia, I can't recall any company doing big projects.Even our proud KLCC also built by Japanese and Korean company.We just bought the technology.We cant really claim it as our own.If needed, they can build another KLCC anywhere they want. Even the astronaut program also we are merely a passenger riding a taxi to outer space. I truly believe advance in technology is very important !! I know Msian government also know that by sending us here but i doubt they get back what they hope for.Take LRT system for example,i read news about our PM sneak in to only realise that it is not up to standard.I think aiyoyo, what take you so long to realise it !! Ages ago also like that d outdate...even small kid also know !!our PM dunno kah ??!!

okla..better stop here. I swayed away from main topic d...


Kelly said...

I think the PM knows,just somehow,like everyone else,we tend to ignore things which doesn't concern us in our daily lives.We neglect things that doesn't cost inconvenieces to us.

I too wonder when I was doing my sotsuken,if I was able to do such research in Malaysia.Given the fact that I'm still just a college student,I'm doing research that I think is quite not-up-to-standard and available in Malaysia.Let's just hope the majority of us have the heart and will to bring back what we have learned to Malaysia.

lyk said...

last time i heard that 'he' dint know what is DNA and how DNA works ,now only i knew that he took ages to know how inconvenient the public transport is:(

i just finished my internship in was just a small company.iquite jealous of u coz u got the chance to know how mega project works

gambatte for ur internship and have a nice holidays in malaysia!

CRAPPED!! said...

Dude, don't be surprise if mosques in Malaysians were built by outsiders as well!!

So many wrong things in Malaysia, takes a lifetime to laugh at all of them.