Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lately , I have been seriously lack of exercises unless typing is considered as an exercise. Usual weekly futsal games had been cancelled again and again as we can't gather enough numbers. The same for badminton outing as everybody is mysteriously busy these days. Am I the only one who is free for the time being? Come-on it is spring holiday...

leaving with no choices..i fill my days with parties ( or nomikai ) in my house or outside.

Without good sleep almost everyday and lacking healthy exercises, I feel like my body is weakening. So I decided to do some exercises one night.

Not that it is some kind of exercises which can only be done at night. Just happen that Im free at night :p

I decided to walk home from somewhere far.

Arm with only a few photos I took from a map book.
Totalling 4 pages distance, I thought it was easy-chop.

But I was wrong, it is now winter which is certainly not the best season for walking.What more during 1 am in the night..haha

My compatriots.

After around half way through, we were simply worn out and wanting rest.

So we had our petrol tank filled here.

We continued our journey, and every time when we thought we are almost there we saw some really huge signboard like huge M which has never been seen around my house. Then we realised that it is still far away and our aim was to walk faster so that those huge signboard will lost in our sight.

Totalling it tooks more than 3 hours to reach home. It was a good exercises.


I wont even think of it if I didnt miss my last train..

Curse the punctual train..isyhhh

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Holiday

At last I am gonna enjoy my spring holiday soon. Not before I finish some reports though :(

I have been busy lately for some school projects and of course test which I fared badly I guess. I am particularly busy for school projects because I have to do both 2nd year and 3rd year one in one term. Phew...

For the 2nd year project which is to redesign the city of Jiyugaoka especially area around the railway station. Here is my team's final product.

This is the model but of course the more important part is our idea.

Guess what? My team turned out to be the after tasted defeat in so many contest. Winners' name will be written onto a plate means my name gonna stay forever in my school gallery..haha!!

Actually it is more fun in my 3rd year project because there are 2 girls in my group, haha.Because we take many classes together so we are quite close.
working on yet another contest namely pet bottle contest.The girl in white is one of the most genki girl I have ever seen. She is so energetic and straightforward that she is so fun to be with.
She always say that I'm lying when I say I got no girlfriend. I don't understand why :( Till now she and the other one also doesnt believe me :( kesian...

The contest is to build a bridge which can withstand 400 kg loads and to be under 25 kg and many rules. Our concept is to build a beautiful bridge. Design comes first. I am being trusted to be the main welding man. Our design has more than 140 places to be welded. It is the most compare to others. For many times I skipped dinner just to make sure we can finish it on time.Now I understand why many Japanese are thin. Here is our bridge.Don't tell me it is not beautiful :(

Result; 9 minutes of construction time (best 6 mins) , 2.5 mm of displacements by 400kg ( best: 1mm)

Too bad that we only managed 3rd place but still we got what we aim for. Yes, we are voted for the best design award :):)

Now the exam is over. I will enjoy planning my next trip to :) I am gonna conquer Europe.!!