Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Zealand special

I just came back from New Zealand for international conference on sustaining environment..bla..bla.Actually it is an international conference for students from AOTULE (Asia-Oceania Top University League of Engineering) which my school is one part of it.I were so damn lucky to be chosen as the representative my department.Everything is fully paid except I have to pay for my own meal. Thats super good deal. No reason to reject eventhough i have to skip important classes and tests which will affect my result but who cares !!

New Zealand is really a superb country with beautiful nature. I experienced alot in NZ and really had lots of fun. Here I would like to highlight 10 special stuffs about NZ.

1. Many of the cars here like to drag their loads.

2. Medium size here doesnt mean medium.All the food is in big size which is good to many of us but not Japanese. They complain all the time for the big portion.

3. The kampung-ness of Auckland.
Here is the view of Auckland from the top of Mt Eden. You see what I see ?There are so many trees. Actually Auckland is not those hustling bustling city, I think it is not even close compare to KL.Only part of the city is fully developed.

4.Auckland tower is owned by Chinese.
So many chinese people here.You can see them everywhere.

5.Kiwi fruit got its name from kiwi bird which is a very rare animal even here in NZ.I saw it in a photo-prohibited area.Btw,can refer a hot chick in NZ as hot kiwi chick.Taken from a replica.

6.There is a law where u cant build a house smaller than around 400 m^2.It is such a wonderful law; sigh by Japanese.

7.Stripshow is free if you enter early. Don't ask me wether i went into one.

8.NZ daytime is sooo long !!

This picture was taken at 8pm in the night.

9.Hail the king of all sheep. The Merino. Wanted to buy a wool made from it but it is just way too expensive :(

10.Nice view from Maruwai Beach.
All those white dots are migrating birds. It is actually much more beautiful just that i dont have a high-quality camera :( more very important stuff !!

How can I not thank my school for making this trip succesful.Here is a our group photo. more

NZ is famous for ...

ya...Bungy Jumping !!

How can I give it a miss.I jumped off from Auckland famous Harbour Bridge. It was so nice. I now understand the feeling of people who suicide from jumping off a tall building. Those moment is really cant describe. Seeing is the best.

wanna try?

got only one regret where i missed on trying Luge rides. :(

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2nd post









Friday, November 7, 2008

Busy days ahead

Summer has gone. Winter is approaching and I can foresee a very hectic schedule ahead.

Having to do both 3rd year and 2yr year classes is really turning my head around. With 2 big projects on both sides is really very challenging. Furthermore, a lot of social activities to take care of too.

One project is to design a new plan to develop 自由が丘駅 ( a busy but not properly built railway station). It is almost a must to go everyday to check the trafic volume.Another project is to design a bridge which is much more fun.The winner can earn a free trip to America next March. Thats why everybody is working real hard on it..and I have to play my part too...aisyhh.

By the way, I just finished a mini bridge contest last week. Despite being the worst performer because my paper bridge can only hold 6kg but still my group won the good design award. Here is the video.
Can you see my funny reaction when the bridge collapsed ? No ? then better see it again..haha
My Jap friend reviewed it so many times.

Other than that, I have to prepare for a conference which will be held in New Zealand end of this month.Ya..i will be going to NZ for free..hehe. Malaysian doesnt need a visa to enter NZ rite ?Do we?
Anyone got any idea on must do things in NZ.?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Summer holiday

So my summer holiday finally ended and whole lot of works is waiting...

1st assignment:draw a 3D bridge before next week.OMG!!I have to master the art of 3D drawing in few days...yabaii :( Crazy one sensei...never teach and just give homework

anyway here is the summary of my summer holiday !!

first stop was HK.Here is a temple cum church that i feel very special.Famous nightview can be seen in my last post. I steamboated Yao Ming.
I donated to the Casino in Macao.Well you guys be prepare for my revenge next time.
Reach Malaysia and visited this newly allocated world heritage site.and also this newly acknowledged site.Guess no one has taken a good picture from its back :p
guess not many will know that Hulu Langat is a place famous to view KL night view.It is much more beautiful than this picture.( my friend who took this has no good skill..haha)
My first time rock climbing in GEnting and its kinda hard despite appearing damn easy like chicken chop when i 1st saw.Won back some pocket money in Genting :p
revisit to my old school.Without them I wont be here.Thanks sensei-tachi.Climbed to the top of world-largest-pewter-made-mug.Dont try this !! We waited for them to off work...haha
monkey showing his stuff to us in Batu caves.

Lazy to post more pics la...too many of them..

And now Im back in Japan with a new short-sporty hair style.

Monday, September 15, 2008

In holiday

what is the best way to enjoy holiday ?

Just stay and rest at home ?

Go holiday all around ?

Go meet all those childhood friends?

Go play is fun but in the end i will be worn out. Isnt holiday suppose to be a rest ?

If stay at home only and i will be boring.It is not what i want.Isnt holiday suppose to be we do what we want ?

I tried to stay put at home before but after 3 days im dying to go out.I guess the best is to strike a balance.

now preparing to go MElaka tomoro after coming back from Penang.

HEre are 2 pictures from my HK trip.
Hk famous night viewenjoying night view on a HK junk boat with a wine of glass ;)

Tomorrow is the day. I think no way Anwar can do it tomorrow but maybe yes in the future.I heard rumor there might be something on Sept 18.

Hope the drama of malaysian politic will end soon.Without stability comes no promises.

nah...better focus on how to enjoy my holiday..hehe

Friday, September 5, 2008



I'm back this early morning after almost 2 years.

Glad to see familiar faces which are not so familiar anymore.

Will go around with my jap friends but not so sure where is the nicest place to show beside my house.any ideas ???? Melaka and Penang will be in the list.

Nothing to say..just wanna post something...haha

Drop me a call..i cant contact many of you as i dont have my phone anymore..;(

Saturday, August 23, 2008

D runway

I am building airport.Precisely is the extension area of Haneda International Airport.

Do you know that by passengers number, Haneda is second to none in Asia.Even Narita loses to Haneda..take note!! As they expect the number will continue the rise,and building a new airport in Tokyo will be way too expensive therefore they opt to build a new runway in Haneda.( )As there is no more free land area in Tokyo bay, they have to build it on sea.The company which i will join for 2 weeks is an extreme expert in reclamation project. They did many reclamation project in Singapore which represents 8% of the tiny colony.The famous "terusan Seuz" is also one of their project.

My job is very easy..just draw some stuff on AutoCad and drink beer with them..haha.They can't give a student like me to do important job,can they? Last week is my 1st week there and it was really an eye-opener to me.For the 1st time I really understand how they do mega project.
In another 2 years,i will take off from this very piece of land i'm standing now.

Seeing how they work inside, I keep wondering can Malaysian company do the same ? Do they have the discipline? At least for now, i think they don't have,thats the difference why they are on top of us now. Not only they build but also always keep researching for new technology.I mean they really research.In Malaysia, I can't recall any company doing big projects.Even our proud KLCC also built by Japanese and Korean company.We just bought the technology.We cant really claim it as our own.If needed, they can build another KLCC anywhere they want. Even the astronaut program also we are merely a passenger riding a taxi to outer space. I truly believe advance in technology is very important !! I know Msian government also know that by sending us here but i doubt they get back what they hope for.Take LRT system for example,i read news about our PM sneak in to only realise that it is not up to standard.I think aiyoyo, what take you so long to realise it !! Ages ago also like that d outdate...even small kid also know !!our PM dunno kah ??!!

okla..better stop here. I swayed away from main topic d...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

summer vacation !!

It is summer time again!!

Nothing else better than go to the beach !!

Then this is the time i have to face the fact !!
I am fat. Arghh..but according to malaysian standard,maybe im still in normal standard, right ?!!

Anyway the highlight of the day is
No,no, not this on water fireworks display but this
can you see hordes of policemen behind me !!No ,they are not covering a dead body !!

The story starts like this...

Once upon a time, when I were siting at the beachside,i saw a lady.At 1st glance, she appeared normal but when i look carefully, i saw some bushes.I cant believe what im seeing then when i look more carefully, i saw another 2 big watermelon.*Watermelon is especially delicios during summer.
Then she started to "happily" jumping up and down and walking around to show how healthy her watermelons are.Then people started to complain and so polices are called. But the number is too huge !!Why on earth do we need more than 10 policemen to take care a helpless lady without anything except some bushes and 2 big fruits on her!!

some of you may wonder why people complain !! Especially if you are a girl you might think that a guy will be happy to see such scene...i think so too but..
there is always an exception ..

Thursday, July 31, 2008

One year

If you have an extra free year what do you wanna do ?

People always say that time passes by very fast. So is one year time fast or slow ?

Lately I am seriously worry about having to repeat another semester. ( guess maybe because I'm in the middle of exam now ) I found out that it is so easy to fail a subject here..and what more to me who is a transfer student with so many disadvantages. Come to think of it, why I am always a transfer student since primary school. Except once when I entered PPKTJ.

If I happened to repeat another semester, I can have almost one full year free time. Attending only maybe one or 2 classes. So maybe I should start planning on what to do in that..hehe

1.Do part time job
2.Train more muscles
3.Enter some society
4.Travel more
5.Learn Spanish
6........or maybe apply to do one semester in english or latin-speaking country

Lately I found out that maybe i will fare much better in UK or Aus because I enjoy reading reference book in english. Starting to get bored of Japan :( My early enthusiasm to come Japan almost 4 years ago is lost. Sushi ? sashimi ? Japanese anime ?game?tv?japanese girl? so what!!...Going back to Msia soon and hate answering questions like what i find special in Japan !! The answer is nothing...hehe

When I 1st reached Japan almost 4 years ago...shifting in

and shifting out of hostel 3 years later time flies !! so one year not a big deal, is it?

After all , I think I better off studying now !!

Monday, July 14, 2008

better than part-time job


Here is an announcement. This can earn you money faster than part-time job. Just write an essy about Malaysia Independence Day and you will get 15,000 yen if you capture the 1st prize. Of course other prizes will also be prepared.

Lets say you spend 3 hours to write an essay and that is equal to 5000yen per hour work. Where can you get a better bargain ?? Maybe even kabukicho cant give you that.:p

Here are the official posters.

Good luck. The best part is no boss will scold you and you got nothing to lose on giving it a try.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

am i a star?

This is a match between Malaysian badminton superstar and vietnam superstar.

Lucky if you didnt watch the video.
Too bad if you is just a stupid game between 2 amateurs.

Actually it was taken during my sports class in Uni. Lecturer asked us to watch our own match and analyze it as part of our homework. Never in my dream to have my own match recorded. It looks like a star isn't it ? :p It is so funny to look at my own game. I still remembered last time when i do watch a badminton match on TV,i will always criticise the player as you should move faster, hit harder..blablabla...!! Looking at my own game, i can tell the play looks so stupid in the movie. When i'm playing myself, i didn't realize anything and keep thinking i had a good game..hehe
Looking at my own game really is an eye-opener to me.

I have to praise my Uni system to prepare such a video to me. But I still miss malaysia's style of sports class where the teacher will throw a ball at u and we basically can do anything with it..hahaha!!

看了我上这的blog的兄弟姐弟们,谢谢你们!!我会加油。。如果有油的话啦:p 最近的油很贵很难加啊。。

Friday, June 27, 2008

mandarin - one of the world hardest language













Thursday, May 29, 2008

special restaurant

Exam coming soon !! full of worries and happiness..strange? ya ..i am

Today I was late for class.The 1st since I entered University. Luckily it didn't happen during exam day..phew..I guess I should buy an alarm clock !!

Last weekend,went to celebrate Loke Eng birthday in a special restaurant the other day. It is a jail cum hospital restaurant.
I drank a girl's brain water..hehe

Instead of the usual bell, have to bang onto the jail door to call for service...

Got special show to entertain us this

This show is about they caught a bad guy and take care of just happened in front of our jail bar. So nice..especially with the last suprising act.

I recommend this place.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy or not = a choice ??

Lately has been very busy that i dont even have time to write anything here.

Lately, I wonder why am I always busy. Ya I got alot of school assignments and etc. But everybody has the same time, why sometimes I feel that other people looks more free. And I realised that it is my fault. I should not have join so many activities and etc...but no fun no life right? So really wanna emphasis on efficiency lately.If i can cut the time used to do assignments then i will be very free..and enjoy more...hehe :)

Anyway gonna go out soon to celebrate my friend's birthday.


By the way...I am so sad that my favourite team Chelsea lost in champions league final. I hate Man U!!

me busy doing experiment

Saturday, March 22, 2008

graduation ceremony


I am a graduate now!! just a diploma graduate though...

It took me 3 years...short ? long ?

To me it was long, as many times I am frustrated with the life in college. It is not as fun as I 1st imagined it will be.

Luckily I managed to find many activities outside and those activities were actually the highlight of my 3 years in Japan.Like my involvement in Malaysian Students Association in Japan, interacting with other foreign students in Tokyo, joining volunteer stuff and most fun of all undoubtedly is my many trips to overseas with my batch's friend.

Anyway back to my graduation day...

The main ceremony was kinda boring.I just have to sit and don't even have to go and take my own certificate. I fell asleep a few times during the ceremony.some boring talk...
his this suit (hakama) costs around 40 man...a whopping 13k in Malaysia...unbelievable!! if only some tomato sauce fall onto it..hehe

luckily the party after that was much more fun :)

1st party : some sort like cocktail party in the gymnasium hall..
see the basket...

one of my partner in my lab. Was so suprised that she will be going to marry soon.As lately so many girls like to marry late especially japanese woman, I'm really quite shocked but nevertheless congrats to her.
the doctor who cured my sore throat(story in my last entry)..if it was not her maybe i won't graduate..

2nd party: Thanksgiving party to lecturers. Held in a wedding hall.Was quite expensive.
my face is very sensitive to alcohol.
expressing my gratitude to all the teachers...

was a short and smart ceremony..

3rd party: drinking party in a local bar = time to tell it all

After some alcohol drinks,Japanese turned into non-Japanese...
on my left is my tutor..he is really a great guy..mmm..quite hot-tempered though!! He even fight with teachers!!

late in the night, things really got heat up !! some even fight for some love problems.Broke few glasses...

Some even came to me and cried and tell me how important was I,I am really touched...

I will remember u all...thanks for the 3 years !! another chapter in my life ended
my football kaki and party partners..:)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

always come when unwanted

Ever have the experience that when u want something and it is not there but when you don't need it,it is there !!

When I woke up last Tuesday, I found out that my vocal cord wasn't working and I can't speak a proper word. :(
It was really a shock,I'm so worried as in another 2 days I was supposed to give my final graduation presentation. How if my voice can't heal on time? Can i still graduate?

It was Wednesday and I still can't speak. Not only me, my sensei was also very worried about me. As the last resort,i tried everything.

I medicine sprayed my throat almost every hour
I had traditional Pei Pa Kao from Msia
I consumed lots of Hacks and Vicks
I applied super mask
I tried not to talk the whole day
I ate flu pills
My friend guide me to the clinic in my school and all the doctor said that even i go to hospital i can't heal on within one day !! but still I in believe in miracle...

Now here is the tricky part, I so hard wanna tried constrain myself from talking but god just didn't allow...

Ever had those lonely days when u hoped someone will call u but no one did? But now at the moment I just hoped that no one will call me. But...

ring! ring ! In the morning my mom called from overseas.She seldom call me at this time so it must be something very important. No reason not to pick up,right?
Then in the evening there is this friend M called. In the phone I told him I'm hurt and can't speak properly but his response was don't play a fool la...say properly la...i got something important to ask la... I appear like someone who likes to play such joke ? ..think of it...maybe yes.. This made me recall the story of a guy who always lied and at the end nobody believe him.

then continue to the late evening, another 2 persons this point I can't believe why there are so good in the timing. At least, they were better as they ended their conversation fast when they realized i'm sick. At night when i was just trying to sleep earlier another guy called...

I forced myself to talk so many times and went to sleep thinking that there must be no chance i will be cured tomorrow.

The next morning, i didn't try to talk. I saved my voice until almost last minute then voice is back but of course is not 100% !! I was soooo happpyyyy and really so thankful to god that i can speak. Somehow managed to handled my presentation but can't give my best but at least better than can't even present at all, right??

phew...felt a huge boulder is off my shoulder...I can finally confirm my graduation now, i guess :)

The next day, my nightmare continue...i received more calls than strange...i bet no one will call me when im healed later..hehehe

Anyway now I'm looking forward to my coming overseas holiday and really hope that by that time my throat can heal 100% ...

group photo after my final graduation presentation.Can u find me inside there?

Monday, February 25, 2008

reaching the end

February gonna end soon. My graduation presentation will be this coming thursday...after that I can finally enjoy some rest after such a hectic kosen 5th year.

Today i held a farewell party with my japanese sensei. She came to kisarazu kosen the same year as mine so we can be considered as her most loved students. From being a single to going to marry soon, me and other 5th year students had seen at all. I still remembered once when I suggested a dating plan to her and coincidentally her boyfriend planned that and she actually got proposed on that very date.

Today is the last day. The last day which we will sit in that small room attending to her class.To make it special we had a unplanned small party in ryuugakusei canteen.Wanted to buy a cake but no nearby shop selling...

So I made it my own. As it was out of a sudden, i cant make any fancy one but just made a sponge cake. She liked it very much but she said it tasted like castella.
Not so successful but everybody love it...:)

Doink's fried chicken was very nice too. Thanks to everyone who made this small farewell party successful. The 5th year students and sensei...

By the way, I was invited by senpai that day to share house. So it might be the best choice of getting cheap and good house. And of cos the size will be bigger too :) Welcome welcome...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Keep on finding

Thats the result of my mini poll. As I was born in a democratic country,I do always follow majority and I will keep on finding at the time being.Now I'm even thinking of continuing my hostel life...

Last week Tuesday...

When the clock struck 12, a bunch of guys banged into my room...
Happy birthday to you..happy birthday to you...happy birthday to me!!

Thanks for the celebration.But I wonder am i really 23 at that time ? As I was born in Malaysia and precisely I am only 22 yrs 11 months 30 days 23 hours at that time...right?

Hope my wishes do come true though

The next day, my 1st and best African friend, Nyonjo organized a birthday event for me. He drove me and another 3 of our peers to a nice restaurant faraway which took almost 40 mins.

Thanks for the 2nd cake!! The guy next to me is proudly showing off his jacket from his GF :p

Next, we headed to JJ club. A place where u can play anything u want !! 1st we played bowling and as usual I'm the weakest :(
Can u see my green ball heading towards the gutter ??

I managed only one strike and it is not even in my scoresheet. Why ?? Because I MISTAKENLY bowled when it was actually Nyonjo's turn :( He tried to return the favor but failed. He is suppose to be the strongest among us though...
Celebration ended with us all singing in karaoke.Enjoyed till 5 am in the morning.WAs so sleepy and tire the next day :(

Special thanks to Koay for your super gift which can one day get into me trouble for being noisy..hehe.

To Ueno aka Intele who gave me japanese sword. Last year and this year.But what am i suppose to do with it? please someone make me hate you so i can..hehe..use it on u!!

Of course million thanks to everyone who wished me and gave me presents during my birthday.