Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Zealand special

I just came back from New Zealand for international conference on sustaining environment..bla..bla.Actually it is an international conference for students from AOTULE (Asia-Oceania Top University League of Engineering) which my school is one part of it.I were so damn lucky to be chosen as the representative my department.Everything is fully paid except I have to pay for my own meal. Thats super good deal. No reason to reject eventhough i have to skip important classes and tests which will affect my result but who cares !!

New Zealand is really a superb country with beautiful nature. I experienced alot in NZ and really had lots of fun. Here I would like to highlight 10 special stuffs about NZ.

1. Many of the cars here like to drag their loads.

2. Medium size here doesnt mean medium.All the food is in big size which is good to many of us but not Japanese. They complain all the time for the big portion.

3. The kampung-ness of Auckland.
Here is the view of Auckland from the top of Mt Eden. You see what I see ?There are so many trees. Actually Auckland is not those hustling bustling city, I think it is not even close compare to KL.Only part of the city is fully developed.

4.Auckland tower is owned by Chinese.
So many chinese people here.You can see them everywhere.

5.Kiwi fruit got its name from kiwi bird which is a very rare animal even here in NZ.I saw it in a photo-prohibited area.Btw,can refer a hot chick in NZ as hot kiwi chick.Taken from a replica.

6.There is a law where u cant build a house smaller than around 400 m^2.It is such a wonderful law; sigh by Japanese.

7.Stripshow is free if you enter early. Don't ask me wether i went into one.

8.NZ daytime is sooo long !!

This picture was taken at 8pm in the night.

9.Hail the king of all sheep. The Merino. Wanted to buy a wool made from it but it is just way too expensive :(

10.Nice view from Maruwai Beach.
All those white dots are migrating birds. It is actually much more beautiful just that i dont have a high-quality camera :( more very important stuff !!

How can I not thank my school for making this trip succesful.Here is a our group photo. more

NZ is famous for ...

ya...Bungy Jumping !!

How can I give it a miss.I jumped off from Auckland famous Harbour Bridge. It was so nice. I now understand the feeling of people who suicide from jumping off a tall building. Those moment is really cant describe. Seeing is the best.

wanna try?

got only one regret where i missed on trying Luge rides. :(


elaine said...

wasei~~~BUNGY JUMP!!
why did you kena air? overweight?

Kelly said...

I wanna try bungy jump also!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

u are so cool boon!!!

oshin said...

You are super brave~~~

stevelee67 said...

nice try :p getting into water is a choice

u is just so fun

who are u ?!!

of cos :p but im still a shy boy..haha

Anonymous said...

lee boon hon モテモテだね!


Ryon said...

6.There is a law...
this law is pretty special. but for those tak ada money, the only choice left is homeless. taihendane.

8.NZ daytime is sooo long !!
hehe, is it the summer time in NZ? :p.

Rithy said...

wow, u went to NZ? wow wow wow.