Thursday, July 31, 2008

One year

If you have an extra free year what do you wanna do ?

People always say that time passes by very fast. So is one year time fast or slow ?

Lately I am seriously worry about having to repeat another semester. ( guess maybe because I'm in the middle of exam now ) I found out that it is so easy to fail a subject here..and what more to me who is a transfer student with so many disadvantages. Come to think of it, why I am always a transfer student since primary school. Except once when I entered PPKTJ.

If I happened to repeat another semester, I can have almost one full year free time. Attending only maybe one or 2 classes. So maybe I should start planning on what to do in that..hehe

1.Do part time job
2.Train more muscles
3.Enter some society
4.Travel more
5.Learn Spanish
6........or maybe apply to do one semester in english or latin-speaking country

Lately I found out that maybe i will fare much better in UK or Aus because I enjoy reading reference book in english. Starting to get bored of Japan :( My early enthusiasm to come Japan almost 4 years ago is lost. Sushi ? sashimi ? Japanese anime ?game?tv?japanese girl? so what!!...Going back to Msia soon and hate answering questions like what i find special in Japan !! The answer is nothing...hehe

When I 1st reached Japan almost 4 years ago...shifting in

and shifting out of hostel 3 years later time flies !! so one year not a big deal, is it?

After all , I think I better off studying now !!

Monday, July 14, 2008

better than part-time job


Here is an announcement. This can earn you money faster than part-time job. Just write an essy about Malaysia Independence Day and you will get 15,000 yen if you capture the 1st prize. Of course other prizes will also be prepared.

Lets say you spend 3 hours to write an essay and that is equal to 5000yen per hour work. Where can you get a better bargain ?? Maybe even kabukicho cant give you that.:p

Here are the official posters.

Good luck. The best part is no boss will scold you and you got nothing to lose on giving it a try.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

am i a star?

This is a match between Malaysian badminton superstar and vietnam superstar.

Lucky if you didnt watch the video.
Too bad if you is just a stupid game between 2 amateurs.

Actually it was taken during my sports class in Uni. Lecturer asked us to watch our own match and analyze it as part of our homework. Never in my dream to have my own match recorded. It looks like a star isn't it ? :p It is so funny to look at my own game. I still remembered last time when i do watch a badminton match on TV,i will always criticise the player as you should move faster, hit harder..blablabla...!! Looking at my own game, i can tell the play looks so stupid in the movie. When i'm playing myself, i didn't realize anything and keep thinking i had a good game..hehe
Looking at my own game really is an eye-opener to me.

I have to praise my Uni system to prepare such a video to me. But I still miss malaysia's style of sports class where the teacher will throw a ball at u and we basically can do anything with it..hahaha!!

看了我上这的blog的兄弟姐弟们,谢谢你们!!我会加油。。如果有油的话啦:p 最近的油很贵很难加啊。。