Thursday, July 31, 2008

One year

If you have an extra free year what do you wanna do ?

People always say that time passes by very fast. So is one year time fast or slow ?

Lately I am seriously worry about having to repeat another semester. ( guess maybe because I'm in the middle of exam now ) I found out that it is so easy to fail a subject here..and what more to me who is a transfer student with so many disadvantages. Come to think of it, why I am always a transfer student since primary school. Except once when I entered PPKTJ.

If I happened to repeat another semester, I can have almost one full year free time. Attending only maybe one or 2 classes. So maybe I should start planning on what to do in that..hehe

1.Do part time job
2.Train more muscles
3.Enter some society
4.Travel more
5.Learn Spanish
6........or maybe apply to do one semester in english or latin-speaking country

Lately I found out that maybe i will fare much better in UK or Aus because I enjoy reading reference book in english. Starting to get bored of Japan :( My early enthusiasm to come Japan almost 4 years ago is lost. Sushi ? sashimi ? Japanese anime ?game?tv?japanese girl? so what!!...Going back to Msia soon and hate answering questions like what i find special in Japan !! The answer is nothing...hehe

When I 1st reached Japan almost 4 years ago...shifting in

and shifting out of hostel 3 years later time flies !! so one year not a big deal, is it?

After all , I think I better off studying now !!


ns29 said...

i saw tokodai got kenkyu that i m interested ler..

do 1 and 5 so that u can do 4 in the future ^_^

Anonymous said...

you still have to train muscle meh?

Kelly said...

Funny..I've been having the same thoughts lately..I might do better in UK or US..Not only we don't have any language barrier,the education system is actually more free and better if I might say.

But we are in Japan so we could only make full use of our life here..

ps:I'm not taking Toukou already.

stevelee67 said...

ganbatte!! pls come!!It is very happening here

yala..have to train more to fight off strange like u..hehe

i have to say that the social environment there might be even better!! Too bad..anyway wish you get where u want then

sychin said...

I am having the same thought with you and Kelly. So what would you do, if you are given a chance to study in America or other places to further your studies ?

Jasmine Teh said...

Good luck!!:)only thing which is best for everyone.heh,social environment?Still new here,don't knoe much yet:P.only know that everything have good&bad sides:P.

Anonymous said...

hi there!i saw James Chin there carry the box with u!