Monday, January 14, 2008

Auto Salon 2008

What is Auto Salon ?
Me myself not so sure, just happened that Randy asked me and since I am free I just went.

After some simple explanation from him, then only i know that it is an exhibition about
specially modified car.But to me it is more like a girl exhibition as it is just so obvious as the crowd gathers only at booths where they have the best models but not cars !!
one of a good example where only 2 girls in blue can attract most of the crowd attention whereas nobody cares cars with no least got some-lah!!you see got one guy resting his hand at a great yellow sporting car.

there is an advantage though.With everybody busy with cars which has girls only I can easily snap famous car like this Lamborghini sports car !!

compared to motor show, i could only took its emblem from afar
this time i can go real close and it is just so inviting !!
As there are no any "Do not sit" signs so I jumped into it..!!(with a little push from Randy..hehe)Within seconds, someone came and warned me off.I walked away and when i turned back..they implemented "dasar pintu tertutup". The seat was so comfortable..what a waste..

some of the cars i like
subaru imprezza..offers great 4WD control

great one seater small truck

nice-colored BMW

nice car with nice girl

some crazy stuffs...
this car was used in a car-football match. Ya a car can actually play soccer and this is the ball

a car with a lot of screens all over.Even the door has 6 little screens.

a car with its body painted with naked girls.

by the way, i found a decent house last Sunday but i was rejected simply because im a foreigner. So was really a good one.Hope that the owner of house which I'm going to see this weekend wont be someone who is afraid of foreigner like me. (not all foreigners are terrorist..ok!!)

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Friday, January 11, 2008

money or life??

The old question of mankind.I am in a dilemma now..

This coming 3 days holiday i have decided to spend some time looking for my new home in Tokyo. I did some surveys on the internet and have some targets.

Long story cut short, it is either cheap,old and far OR expensive and everything good.
If in Malaysia, i would have straight away jump to the cheap option as i'm pretty sure that i can endure sick-looking house or even endure long traveling time to school.(I used to took 1 hour to go to school namely PPKTJ whereas the actual distance is just around 30 mins walk away)

But in Japan it is difference, an old house usually made by wood is not safe from earthquake!! Okay...maybe i'm not that lucky to come across such a big earthquake any soon but the coldness in winter might freeze me too. You see, an act of saving money might cost my or life??

few of my choices...
Ya it does look old from the outside.But it is the cheapest with bathroom and toilet.30 mins to school by train.But if a big Earthquake comes..phew..see u guys in heaven.By the way, according to expert it is believed that 60% a big Earthquake will hit Tokyo area soon.

It costs a little bit more(45000 per mth) but huge for someone who lives alone.(around 30m square)Inside looks like this: So sad, again it is not safe from earthquake and it is wooden made.Japan modified their construction guidelines in 1981 so houses built after that basically has more chances to survive big earthquake.

a simple check on "strong" and "good" houses which are near to my school,the cheapest turns out to be
72000yen per mth.It is more than RM2000!! But it is safely made of steel concrete and only 5 mins walk from my U.You see,I can sleep till 10mins before my class starts!! If want i can still afford it by eating bread almost everyday..haha

so money or life ?

I guess i have to bet on the 40%.

Actually there is another choice where I can enjoy both money and safety!! Choose somewhere far away...but then i lose my sleeping time...aisyhh..i guess nothing is perfect

Monday, January 7, 2008

Year 2008

My New Year's resolution

1.Obtain Japanese car license
I successfully got it last Friday.Congrats me ok!!I got it on my 2nd try, not bad right? I didn't repeat my same mistake and I drive really "carefully" this time.So careful that the instructor was wondering maybe i should have gone faster or turn faster

2.Get used to University life
Finally i gonna end my kosen life in another 2 months and just can't wait to get out from my strict hostel. Say goodbye to my hostel which treat me like small kid!!

3.Have a nice summer trip
Planning to go for a Euro trip.Camping at the countryside of germany or britain will be wonderful.Swimming in European beach with "beach" will be great too..haha

For the time being only 3...basically left 2 only. I have low expectation? no..i just don't like planning too much ahead...

Looking back to Year was great with tonnes of unforgettable memories

back to Malaysia in January

Last trip with seniors in March.View of Mt Fuji was great.

Golden week gathering which i organised with James.

Studied hard for university entrance exam till the end of August.

Fuji-san trip on merdeka day which I planned one day before.

Bunkasai uchiage.The first time i dressed as a woman.

Kamakura trip with fellow foreign students.

The king and queen of Malaysia Night.An event i organised.I learned a lot from it.

Great ski trip with seniors and juniors.

Finally ended with countdown party in Shibuya club.