Monday, January 7, 2008

Year 2008

My New Year's resolution

1.Obtain Japanese car license
I successfully got it last Friday.Congrats me ok!!I got it on my 2nd try, not bad right? I didn't repeat my same mistake and I drive really "carefully" this time.So careful that the instructor was wondering maybe i should have gone faster or turn faster

2.Get used to University life
Finally i gonna end my kosen life in another 2 months and just can't wait to get out from my strict hostel. Say goodbye to my hostel which treat me like small kid!!

3.Have a nice summer trip
Planning to go for a Euro trip.Camping at the countryside of germany or britain will be wonderful.Swimming in European beach with "beach" will be great too..haha

For the time being only 3...basically left 2 only. I have low expectation? no..i just don't like planning too much ahead...

Looking back to Year was great with tonnes of unforgettable memories

back to Malaysia in January

Last trip with seniors in March.View of Mt Fuji was great.

Golden week gathering which i organised with James.

Studied hard for university entrance exam till the end of August.

Fuji-san trip on merdeka day which I planned one day before.

Bunkasai uchiage.The first time i dressed as a woman.

Kamakura trip with fellow foreign students.

The king and queen of Malaysia Night.An event i organised.I learned a lot from it.

Great ski trip with seniors and juniors.

Finally ended with countdown party in Shibuya club.


Rithy said...

haha. u got car license but u dont have ur own car.If u have u can call me to go anywhere with u,but not with ur girl. ok?

nazrul said...

tell me more about your countdown party hehe

Anonymous said...

haha...ur kousen treat u as a small kid? maybe because u r so cute..hahaha

Kelly said...

a great year u had..

CRAPPED!! said...

Aiks....your blog is missing the picture from TGIF...

calvin said...

first of all, happy new year to you and have a wonderful year ahead. and congrats for passing the driving test finally =)

Anonymous said...



ns29 said...

the mount fuji is really meaningful~~