Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ever think of suicide before ?

Train is prepare to suicide !!
(I got this from my friend.)

I found it to be very interesting and at the same time it raises my doubt on why do Japanese like to take their own lives.As a matter of fact, Japan has the highest suicide rate in the world.I bet jumping onto a moving train is the most popular suicide style of all.Especially in Tokyo it is almost a daily routine.Japanese trains are so punctual that if it comes late, one can easily guess that the train had bang on someone.

Why human suicides ??

1. Because of lost love
2. Because of stress in job
3. Because of money problem etc

But in Japan I found out that they suicide on different reasons.They can even (1) suicide just because of bullying problem in school or (2)just because they are too bored with their life or (3)just plainly because of embarassment. Isnt it too fragile ?? In Japan everybody can suicide!!From country's top minister,headmaster of a school to a primary school student.And they can even kill their own neighbour just because they are noisy. I was shocked to read a news today that a policeman has took his own life in his very own policebox.Isnt he the one who is suppose to stop people from suiciding ?!!

I cant understand why. Can we call this a different of culture?

To me, no matter how harsh a problem turns out...suicide will never be in my option!!

By the way, today i was asked to introduce my lab in front of my junior so that they can have a rough picture on what to expect and in the meantime help them decide on which lab to choose.
Frankly said, everyone in my lab hates our lecturer especially there is this one girl who planned to critise him to the worst so that nobody will come to our lab next year.She asked me to dont hate him but still i dont like his i didnt promise her.But dont know why,in front of my juniors unconsciously everything came out from my mouth was only bad words about him.

Now i felt a bit guilty as i did something which i had always critise.Am I being influenced into the japanese way of talking bad words behind one's back.

sorry to my sensei...


CRAPPED!! said...

What's with that picture of people behind bars??

calvin said...

i know it may sound silly, but sometimes, you tend to be in a situation that you feel like everything is against you and the only option is to commit suicide. but i still believe there is a solution to every problem and suicide will never be the best way. suicide is only for people who could not face the reality of life and try taking an easy option to escape from their difficulties.

when words go around few people, it will usually turned into a new story. this is just how it is. since you already in japan, you have no choice but to get used to their way of bringing themselves. don't worry too much about that girl or your lecturer.

ok, i'm done commenting =D

Anonymous said...

never mind, I also always talk bad about my sensei in front juniors. hehe...if your sensei really nice nobody will talk bad abt him right? so no need to feel sorry!

ns29 said...

suicide huh...
My friend did some research on it before..
And people that think of doing it before, are more than people that nvr think of it before..
even herself is in the 1st group..

im in 2nd group..
maybe just becoz til now there is no such bad thing that happen to me until i feel like doing that is the only way..
or maybe im optimistic...quite la...

stevelee67 said...


to show that im feeling sad and guilty :(

nazrul said...

guilty as charged!!!(笑)

mayc said...

u know about the ancient harakiri culture they had? there might be a link between it.. i think committing suicide is a good form of running away from problems. for good. and since they have not much religious beliefs (like those who kill themselves go straight to hell), it might be the best option.

eh, i heard before that relatives of those who committed suicide can get sued by the train company. wonder if its true...

Anonymous said...

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oshin said...

dint u tell them about the story behind commit suicide?the one who committed suicide cannot 'lun hui(means reborn after death)' and have to repeat the actions of committing suicide everyday, at the same place and same time...scary huh...

cl3m` said...

the plain truth is that japanese don't value their lives as much as e.g responsibilities,etc.. as mayc said hara kiri/seppuku didn't help things as well. it's been part of their culture. even a few writers( popular old ones that i cant remember their names) killed themselves because? ' i wanna die a beautiful death'. furthermore, the lack of religion(going to the temple once a yr during new years is not counted) in their lives is another reason.


i think suicide is the easy option as well but not necessarily the worst. say u're in debt and have no way of paying it back. u commit suicide to spare your family from being troubled.


yea, i think they can get sued because train tracks are private property and commiting suicide is a crime. but i don't think train companies will sue often as they do take pity on their family as well.