Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I failed !!

As the tittle says, I failed !! Fail in what ? I failed in an exam. No ,no not my school exam !! I failed my driving test in Japan !! what a shame considering i have been driving in Msia for more than 3 years. One simple reason,they are damn strict here. It is almost miracle for a foreigner to pass in one go. Ya, Jap almost all passes in one go but we are different. I just applied for a change from Msian license to Jap license and it costs only few thousand yen whereas a normal way(going to driving school , practice blablabla ) will simply costs more than 30 man.

The test is divided into 2 parts of written test and skill test.I easily cleared the first hurdle. After the 1st test i waited for around 2 weeks to sit for the skill test. I wonder why they need such a long time to test me !! Japs just like queueing up for everything.They can queue up for many hours just to buy something. I guess they feel more satisfy when they sweat for the stuff they want. So i suspect they do apply this mentality to driving test too maybe ?? Waiting wont make the driving test look more prestige ok !!

The doom day

Finally the day has come. I have been waiting to the legend says that foreigner cant pass in one go!! Furthermore i have a one year blank and without practice(one practice session costs more than 1 man~ i better fail for it) i will be sitting for a manual. The ingredients was enough to fail.

The engine stopped the moment i started it. Cis ,the last person didnt set it into freegear. So the test started and before i can finished the course he asked me to drive home. Yup , it means I failed !!
The good thing is they told me where I failed.

1st reason :

Didnt look at my left and right while im driving .

Crazy-kah !! How can i swing my head to my sides while im driving. Of course I'm aware of whats on my side just that i didnt do big actions.
I did check my left and right at junctions and he did agree but just that while driving...argghhh...i still cant believe :(

2nd and the last reason ( ya, 2 is good enough):

Before entering a S-corner , I sided a bit to my right.

Hard to understand ,an illustrated image below !!

He said this will disturb cars on the opposite side. Hey the road is so wide la mister, and it is just so little. aissyhh..

Anyway, it is not that i wanna complain on the system just that im abit frustrated.
To MY driving test instructor,see you again next year. Ya, u got me right! the waiting game starts all over again..i have to wait till next year to sit for it again.

By the way , even before i get a Jap license. I have already been driving in Japan..hahaha


nazrul said...


good luck next time!

calvin said...

this does not sound good for others who has plans to take a license in japan. better luck next year =)

Anonymous said...

Why susah susah take license here?? you still have 2 years to go only (except u want to work here, marry here, live here....)even if u pass the driving exam, when are u going to buy a car? now u have enough money meh? and the parking place is the most hardest problem. University where got parking lot for u to park?

Anonymous said...



CRAPPED!! said... should chosen the car that have very very little fuel left. Then show him how skillful/fuel efficient you are. Then you'll definitely pass!! You could also stop at a kouen nearby to admire the red maple leafs then continue on home...

Sure pass if you did that....Mahsuri blesses you.


Kelly said...

Good luck on your next test then..I've heard about the 'no-foreigner-will-pass-the-first-test' rumour before too..Didn't know its for real...kibishiiiii

ryon said...

hehe, okla, bcos in japan, we only can pass the exam by acting like a CHICKEN チキン when taking the driving exam.

angel said...

haha,stop whining boy!
whatever you say,you failed!!
lets think you were lucky otherwise you might have been crushed or whatever.
i dont want you to die yet!^^mwa!

oshin said...

Huh... the difficulty in obtaining a driving licence (in japan) for a foreigner is equally difficult to a foreigner to obtain a malaysia driving licence... be patient... kehkehkeh