Sunday, November 29, 2009

Am I lost ?


Another long break since the last time I blogged...

Just don't like blogging..hehe

Anyway I will be very busy few months ahead trying to get my 1st degree after such a long 7 years !!! I know after that I can enjoy my spring holiday to the fullest :)

I met a friend who came over to Japan for business trip last week. We were in the same class before and can't imagine he is already working for so many years now.

We were talking on how different of our way of life. Then this came out in our conversation :

"It is normal to have up and downs in our life.No need to be too worry of down time.
However, if your life has been too smooth sailing for all this while, you should stop and look around. Ask yourself: Are you heading the right direction ??"

This made me think, my study life can be considered as smooth for all this while but am I on the right way ??

I may better of doing something else..mmm....