Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Informative forum 2009 2nd session

Can anyone tell me a good way to upload a video longer than 11 mins ??

I tried to split it but because it is in MPEG format very hard to find free software which enable me splitting unlimited files.

Tried to upload on youtube but the maximum length is 10 mins..arghhh..

Tried to upload here, it did work but it takes long time to upload only one

Anyway below is a video of just concluded MSAJ Informative Forum 2009 2nd session 3rd part.

It was a session by professional Engineer and yes it was really informative !!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Am I lost ?


Another long break since the last time I blogged...

Just don't like blogging..hehe

Anyway I will be very busy few months ahead trying to get my 1st degree after such a long 7 years !!! I know after that I can enjoy my spring holiday to the fullest :)

I met a friend who came over to Japan for business trip last week. We were in the same class before and can't imagine he is already working for so many years now.

We were talking on how different of our way of life. Then this came out in our conversation :

"It is normal to have up and downs in our life.No need to be too worry of down time.
However, if your life has been too smooth sailing for all this while, you should stop and look around. Ask yourself: Are you heading the right direction ??"

This made me think, my study life can be considered as smooth for all this while but am I on the right way ??

I may better of doing something else..mmm....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What does it mean?

I came across this sign during my last visit back home.

Still wondering what does it mean??

Please smoke or you will be fine ??

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It has been long since my last post...

Blogging is just ain't my cup of coffee..haha

Sometimes I think it is fun but most of the time it is not..
Only blog when I am free for a while which is now.

Why one blogs? Because one is free or because one finds it hard to express oneself vocally??

The year is gonna end soon...
In the night,I look at the moon,
Once I woke up, it is already noon,
But I am still in my cocoon,
My life is not a cartoon,
Gonna get real hard soon,
Riding over hard monsoon,
Must breakout and speak out soon,
or else will be blown away by typhoon,
which is coming to burst balloon,
What I like is green but not maroon,
Perhaps I should have a game of pontoon,
Before I start eating without spoon.

I guess I have to resume my work now...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Football taikai

About 2 weeks ago, I was imported to play for Vietnam college team in their annually held Vietnamese football competition. Every team is allowed to have foreign players up to 3 person. I am one of the only two in their team.
Isnt this underline how good am I ? hahaha

8 teams joined the competition and we were drawn into a group of death where we face last year champion in our 1st match.
Group photo before the match.

I am too naive to think that I can bring magic, we lost closely in our 1st match. Thinking we fared quite well against last year king, we might stand a chance but we lost the next match much worse. Last match was the only game that we scored. We bowed out but I did have fun playing in a 11 vs 11 style competition. It has been long since the last time I did join something like this. I played all matches without being substituted. Haha...besides keeper maybe I'm the only one :p

By the way, the vietnamese girls there are very supportive. Help us clean the rubbish, buy lunch, buy drink and etc while we are playing.

Uchiage after the game. No one appears to be sad eventhough we lost badly.
Yes, I am the only one looking at the camera.Knowing nothing about what they are saying, I can only concentrate in taking pictures.
Not bad though, no need to take care other people,just grab and eat more food.hahaha

Saturday, June 20, 2009

3 pictures

I found this 3 photoshots amusing..isnt it?

Normal post...

Looking at my movements and impressed with my skill.

Too impressed with my skill till tak tahan..hoho

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where should I go ?


The pic in my last blog is taken during my visit to Yokohama. Yokohama is now celebrating 150 years anniversary since the 1st time they opened their port for foreign traders.

The famous spider but what a spider has to do with Yokohama??
Joining the crowd to enter Yokohama :p
Yokohama was fun as my friend came all the way from Osaka and join us.

Thats all, don't like to write about something that is past..haha

Summer is coming soon again, where should I go ? Thinking of holidaying in Japan as this year might be the last year. Yes I am in my final year at last !! 7 years for my 1st degree..what a long way :(

Lately I have been thinking on should I continue study and if so should I continue studying in Japan.

All this while, I have been studying because I have to or so say just to score for exam but from now on it is different. I can choose. I can work or even start my own venture business.

Life is short. Youth time is even shorter. Follow your heart not the stream or will get drown. mmm...

Thinking of even take a lap year and study spanish in South America..everyone will think that I am crazy..haha

or maybe continue my master in Australia.After so many years being suap by JPA, can I survive without one...mmm..


Dont care, better think where should I go for summer holiday..haha

A picture from just conluded Asean festival.Spot the gaijin!! Always like candid shot :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I just visited moon

I just came back from moon.

And here is a picture I took there.

No, I really took this picture myself. You can try google it, you wont find another same pic :p

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Man get injured for girl


money not a boxer

I fought...

not for money ...not for girl( hope there is one though)...

only for this...

I did get a ball for finishing 3rd :)

But I have to pay the price of seriously injuring my right hand..:(

Struggled to type this post with my left hand only as I have always limit the use of my left hand to one purpose only..:p

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Holiday is over !!

OMG !! My spring holiday is over...

Hectic schedule and tough life is ahead.

I have a month long eurotrip for my spring holiday. It was a fantastic journey where I saw and experienced a lot of stuff.Here is my route. Follow the red lines then maroon and finally green.

As you can see from the map, I went to Amsterdam 3 times !!

Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, the whole city is like a theme park.So many happenings. Everyone is in carnival mood.I was forced to become a maurijuana second hand smoker for few days. Yes, maurijuana or cannabis is selling like hot cakes in Amsterdam. People grows maurijuana tree in their garden. There is even guidebook on how to grow a maurijuana !! The red light district here is awesome too. As it is legal here one can wander freely enjoy looking at girls without much fear.If in Chow Kit, the bravest one will only wind down their car window and wave their hands. Anything more than that you will end up being poorer or weaker. Here we just roam freely by foot.Sorry no picture taken in Amsterdam as I lost (might have been stolen) my camera in Cambridge. Cambridge students might be clever but...No one return my camera... ;(

In Amsterdam, I bumped into a very sweet girl believing she might be the one.This girl works in a chinese restaurant.Yes, chinese restaurant is everywhere in Europe and many is all-u-can-eat style.Her smile was so sweet that it can melts everything including m&m.We had some nice chat but lack the courage to go further.Just wanting to see her once more, we went back to the same restaurant before we fly back home.Once we entered the restaurant, her aunt straight away said she is not around now before even we have ask anything ??!! Did we look like so 'hamsap'..haha!! One of my travel partner is so distress that he said he will have sleepless nights ahead because failing to at least have a last view of her. We might go back to Amsterdam this summer..who wanna join? Girls only..we dont want competitor..hoho

Other countries was so much fun too but too long to blog here.Ask me directly to those who is interested. more thing, amsterdam arguably has one of the best airport in Europe where there is built-in casino. :)


1)Quite a dirty country.Their airport is much worse than KLCC.So many shits block our way to Pisa tower.
2)Pizza and spaghetti is nice at the beginning.Still we Asians need rice.
3)Venice is a city worth revisiting.Dont go out without a map, dont go to the casino and dont kacau the dog there.

Looks like I am rowing the boat while I am taking this picture.

This is actually a pic taken inside Pisa tower.For normal pisa tower picture u can google it.

Austria: Had one of the best sausage in my life.

1)Very much organised country. Clean and efficient but the quality of "lenglui" lose to Italy.
2)Learn alot about Hitler and spark my interest toward him.Currently reading his novel.
3)Nice food and beer everywhere.

Entering gas chamber. The word up there actually means shower room so to trick inmates.

everybody shit next to each other.

1)One of the cheapest country in europe so everything appears cheap which is a good thing.
2)The city never sleeps.Tram runs 24 hr.
3)VEry cold even in spring.Snowed everyday.

One of the weirdest building in the world.

1)One of the most lively city.The people is simply more friendly,lively and energetic.They are also the shortest among all.Dont have to worry that I cant reach the pee bowl.
2)Bull fighting is cruel and it is a endless show.Watch 2-3 hours of repeating stuff.( 1st make the bull run,then a knight came out and finally a matador came out finishing the show) Finally cannot tahan the repeating pattern and went back.Nevertheless bullfight is such a great show which is not to be missed.
3)Barcelona is a city full of arts but I personally think that it is less historical than madrid.
4)Many pickpockets in Spain.BEWARE !!

Planning to seriously learn spanish.

Another bull is killed.

what better jacket to wear in Spain.

1)City of love is actually quite dirty.Their metro is smelly.
2)"Eiffel tower..three one euro" So many petaling street style sellers around Paris.
3) Mona Lisa is too overrated.Many pics in the musee de louvre has much better quality.

The famous Eiffel Tower. Actually it is not so tall as I have expected but it is rather fat and short.
Shopped in the main office of LV.How come it is sooo much cheaper in Petaling Street..haha

1)It is arguably the cleanest among them all.
2)The metro is free of rubbish but changing from one line to the other one have to walk like damn far.
3)The Msian food is so good and HK food also.Jepun one kalah.
4)Musical show is splendid but it is wiser too buy at the theathre.

The castle here is better than in German but too bad all pictures taken here is lost. :(

Cant wait for my next trip. For the next few months ahead, guess I have to be a good boy in my lab. Work hard so that can play hard,,,,,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Lately , I have been seriously lack of exercises unless typing is considered as an exercise. Usual weekly futsal games had been cancelled again and again as we can't gather enough numbers. The same for badminton outing as everybody is mysteriously busy these days. Am I the only one who is free for the time being? Come-on it is spring holiday...

leaving with no choices..i fill my days with parties ( or nomikai ) in my house or outside.

Without good sleep almost everyday and lacking healthy exercises, I feel like my body is weakening. So I decided to do some exercises one night.

Not that it is some kind of exercises which can only be done at night. Just happen that Im free at night :p

I decided to walk home from somewhere far.

Arm with only a few photos I took from a map book.
Totalling 4 pages distance, I thought it was easy-chop.

But I was wrong, it is now winter which is certainly not the best season for walking.What more during 1 am in the night..haha

My compatriots.

After around half way through, we were simply worn out and wanting rest.

So we had our petrol tank filled here.

We continued our journey, and every time when we thought we are almost there we saw some really huge signboard like huge M which has never been seen around my house. Then we realised that it is still far away and our aim was to walk faster so that those huge signboard will lost in our sight.

Totalling it tooks more than 3 hours to reach home. It was a good exercises.


I wont even think of it if I didnt miss my last train..

Curse the punctual train..isyhhh

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Holiday

At last I am gonna enjoy my spring holiday soon. Not before I finish some reports though :(

I have been busy lately for some school projects and of course test which I fared badly I guess. I am particularly busy for school projects because I have to do both 2nd year and 3rd year one in one term. Phew...

For the 2nd year project which is to redesign the city of Jiyugaoka especially area around the railway station. Here is my team's final product.

This is the model but of course the more important part is our idea.

Guess what? My team turned out to be the after tasted defeat in so many contest. Winners' name will be written onto a plate means my name gonna stay forever in my school gallery..haha!!

Actually it is more fun in my 3rd year project because there are 2 girls in my group, haha.Because we take many classes together so we are quite close.
working on yet another contest namely pet bottle contest.The girl in white is one of the most genki girl I have ever seen. She is so energetic and straightforward that she is so fun to be with.
She always say that I'm lying when I say I got no girlfriend. I don't understand why :( Till now she and the other one also doesnt believe me :( kesian...

The contest is to build a bridge which can withstand 400 kg loads and to be under 25 kg and many rules. Our concept is to build a beautiful bridge. Design comes first. I am being trusted to be the main welding man. Our design has more than 140 places to be welded. It is the most compare to others. For many times I skipped dinner just to make sure we can finish it on time.Now I understand why many Japanese are thin. Here is our bridge.Don't tell me it is not beautiful :(

Result; 9 minutes of construction time (best 6 mins) , 2.5 mm of displacements by 400kg ( best: 1mm)

Too bad that we only managed 3rd place but still we got what we aim for. Yes, we are voted for the best design award :):)

Now the exam is over. I will enjoy planning my next trip to :) I am gonna conquer Europe.!!