Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It has been long since my last post...

Blogging is just ain't my cup of coffee..haha

Sometimes I think it is fun but most of the time it is not..
Only blog when I am free for a while which is now.

Why one blogs? Because one is free or because one finds it hard to express oneself vocally??

The year is gonna end soon...
In the night,I look at the moon,
Once I woke up, it is already noon,
But I am still in my cocoon,
My life is not a cartoon,
Gonna get real hard soon,
Riding over hard monsoon,
Must breakout and speak out soon,
or else will be blown away by typhoon,
which is coming to burst balloon,
What I like is green but not maroon,
Perhaps I should have a game of pontoon,
Before I start eating without spoon.

I guess I have to resume my work now...