Tuesday, October 30, 2007

bunkasai - My school open day

Last weekend was my school open day. It means that everybody can come in without any security check. Isnt it the best time for terrorist attack ?? And if any terror attack were to happen then we are sure to be the first one to be suspected as we are foreigners. Instead of planning a terrorist attack we foreigner students ( or in japanese : ryugakusei ) came together to open a stall to earn some money. We simply name our stall "international station" and our products are tomyum-mee and chrysanthemum tea. Unlike years before we even made our original T-shirt this time. We are trying on our products. It is so delicious that everybody is too busy to look at the camera. Can't see the image on the T-shirt ?? Here is a clearer image !! Isnt it a catchy slogan and some of us even too embarass to wear it..hehe !! By the way , this guy is our best promotor of all time. He is too good that he sells way faster than we can even make. Indirectly it caused tension in our camp to prepare fastly. Few accidents happened where customers complained that our noodle was too hard. I was the cooker and this made me felt sorry.

On the first day, disaster struck. Raining heavily whole day. And around evening typhoon came.Ya..you got me right it was Typhoon !! Of course it wasn't as destructive as hurricane Katherine but it was still strong enough to end the life of 2 of my umbrellas. :(

R.I.P. My umbrella turned like this within seconds.

Typhoon stopped train service and by taking no risk all following activities were CANCELLED. Yeah, the so called man-dress-like-woman contest was cancelled too. They should have made this decision much earlier. I was in the middle of making up. For more than 30 minutes , my face belonged to my classmate. She without sympathy conteng here and there and denied me the right to look on my face during the making-up process. Think of it, it was quite scary. As it was only halfway, i didnt take any picture but she did.Currently waiting for the picture from her. Actually the day before i do tried on the outfit to make sure that it fits me.

Does it fit me ? With some make-up and fake F-size boobs i was supposed to be the hottest nurse on earth. :p haha...!!

The next day , weather clears up and we succesfully overturn our modal and earned SOME money.
Our humble stall.
The best workers.
So my final kosen-sai ended with me failing to show my feminine side. Overall it was really a memorable one and thanks to everyone who makes this event successful.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Presentation on my research work

I presented my research work on Tuesday and luckily it turns out fine. Anyway there is a huge problem on what to do next !! Me and my partner wanna do something else but my lecturer just dont let us do. He basically deny all of our ideas and always think that he is on the right side. What a brainless or should i say self-arrogant person. Sometimes what he says dont even make sense !! Feel like arguing with him but i can sense that if i do so there will be no ending. He can nag on me and my partner for over 90 minutes !! When the ending is coming my partner sigh then my teacher got fired up and continue for another 15 minutes. Finally i cant stand anymore and excuse myself to toilet. Only then he realised that he had talked nonsense for so long. Wake up la... I always wonder how come people like this can become a teacher in research work. He never understand the spirit of research work...he just do everything to his liking but not base on scientific facts. Thinking of him makes me sick....Now I just cant wait to go to University next year and do research that i have always wanted and long for.

Set aside those bad experiences , actually this month there are many fun events ahead. There is motorshow in my area and my college open day. Me and my gangs are planning to open a stall and we had our own uniform equipped with catchy slogan ordered too. That night itself im gonna enter a man-dress-like-woman contest !! Such a embarassing contest right?? Most of the people will think like that - I assume. As no one from my class dare enough to do it ...so to me it is like " why not ? It is my final year in college and i should leave something to be remembered right"
Please be my judge !! This is my picture when i dress normally !! My contest will be on next Saturday :) !!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

another casual outing

Three days holiday has come again!! how can i stay in my room only...can u ?? But 3 days are too short to go faraway (was impossibly planning to go to hokkaido or shirakawago) At the end, I settled down my plan just to visit and stay over at my friends' place. It is not that their place not interesting just that i have been there for more than 3 times..haha !! Anyway they have a new shopping complex there but without offense to me it is just another shopping place.
Had a simple party that night. I made some sushi myself ...does it look tasty to you ?Dont be deceived by how it looks ! As part of a mini game, i put a lot of wasabi in some of it. I actually ate one of the super hot wasabi...so stupid of me isnt it? made a trap and get myself into it :p I should have remember which one is the hot one...issyhhhh

Then it is time for traditional "kanpai" = cheers !!
These cups look lame isnt it ? not something to fill in alcohol right...hehe

By the way , it is believed that this tradition comes from england war time era when spying and assassination is so feared that when drinking with enemies or even friends they practiced this custom so that the water in both cups will mix together. Then off course if there is poison in either one of the cup both will die. Simply said it is started as a precaution step to prevent drink poisoning.

Back to my story,the next day I went to ustunomiya where i had some the so-called best "gyoza " in japan.
just look like normal gyoza right ? it tasted as one too...

Then my friend went to shopping. Girls really like shopping . Me and another 2 guys having nothing better to do had a detour to a nearby japanese temple. Then at around late evening, we went back and before that had some pictures taken. Can u guess what am i doing in the picture?

a. I just collected a garbage ?
b. Just too tired to stand.
C. trying to look cool ?
d. was preparing to give my friend a piggyback ride.

At night play some card games and then the very next day , after delaying few times finally reached my place at late night. Yush , cant wait for the next weekend !!

Monday, October 1, 2007

casual outing

Is it autumn has already started ?? It is getting cooler and cooler and i prefer the weather to be like this :) I just finished my exam last friday and to relax myself abit i called my friends and organized a simple hanabi ( fireworks observation) outing. As usual it is planned at the last minute.Luckily again i managed to get enough sporting peoples. Although it was raining that day , we still had a great time together. Got to know some super senpai.

The members. You should know who am i right? i dont really like this picture as the angle taken doesn't make me look cool..hehe !!
But as i didn't bring my own camera, i don't have any other choices.

After that we went to senpai's house and a friend of her was so lovely that she served us mooncake. I really love it as it has been 3 years since the last time i have one. Then senpai started to talk about japanese sex life which turned out to be quite educational to me...haha.
Next me and 2 friends headed to another senpai house. There we spent a night and played cards until 3-4 in the morning. I was so lucky that night to won quite a lot :) But out of sympathy i foot the bill for my friend's dinner on the next day.( actually i believe that by giving back i can win more next time..hehe ) Then before going back home , spent some time shopping for autumn clothing in Harajuku, the so called japanese fashion street.

till next time....