Tuesday, October 9, 2007

another casual outing

Three days holiday has come again!! how can i stay in my room only...can u ?? But 3 days are too short to go faraway (was impossibly planning to go to hokkaido or shirakawago) At the end, I settled down my plan just to visit and stay over at my friends' place. It is not that their place not interesting just that i have been there for more than 3 times..haha !! Anyway they have a new shopping complex there but without offense to me it is just another shopping place.
Had a simple party that night. I made some sushi myself ...does it look tasty to you ?Dont be deceived by how it looks ! As part of a mini game, i put a lot of wasabi in some of it. I actually ate one of the super hot wasabi...so stupid of me isnt it? made a trap and get myself into it :p I should have remember which one is the hot one...issyhhhh

Then it is time for traditional "kanpai" = cheers !!
These cups look lame isnt it ? not something to fill in alcohol right...hehe

By the way , it is believed that this tradition comes from england war time era when spying and assassination is so feared that when drinking with enemies or even friends they practiced this custom so that the water in both cups will mix together. Then off course if there is poison in either one of the cup both will die. Simply said it is started as a precaution step to prevent drink poisoning.

Back to my story,the next day I went to ustunomiya where i had some the so-called best "gyoza " in japan.
just look like normal gyoza right ? it tasted as one too...

Then my friend went to shopping. Girls really like shopping . Me and another 2 guys having nothing better to do had a detour to a nearby japanese temple. Then at around late evening, we went back and before that had some pictures taken. Can u guess what am i doing in the picture?

a. I just collected a garbage ?
b. Just too tired to stand.
C. trying to look cool ?
d. was preparing to give my friend a piggyback ride.

At night play some card games and then the very next day , after delaying few times finally reached my place at late night. Yush , cant wait for the next weekend !!


Maira said...

hOLA lee
como estas? espero que bien!
im maira!
i saw your pictures they re really nice..
always cool..and cute...(you)
If i was in tokio with u, ill spend all this 3 holidays watching our favorites movies, eating pop corns hehe :D, drinking some beers!.. to the cinemaa!, and other things.... (?)have fun... uyyy nonono0
if youll imagine....
ay! but you´re faraway!!!..why dont you come to mexic0! oh please! come please!...
someday someday...
haha xD!

in love with lee! haha xD!
take care.**
good luck

Maira said...

i love shopping!

Kelly said...

さすが。。Say I play a lot..u also cannot stay still in your room hor..

Ryon said...

hey, Boon, got ppl in love wit u??
din introduce one, aiyo, not enuf fren la..
hehe, tat day u was prepairing to pick up Silver plus Green maa, :p haha, not need to guess liao la.

Lj said...

itz chin wooi. not silver plus green :P

mayc said...

answer is d! =)