Friday, July 20, 2007

what the heck ?!

ouch , i had a bad day today :(
Today suppose to be a good day as it is the last day of school before summer break.
mm...well it is not the case for me :(

As the summer break starts today , a big scale assembly is held. The same case like back in msia the assembly is full of boring talks by headmaster , discipline teacher i felt so boring that I actually lie down and slept in the assembly hall. Then there is this guy ( my class monitor ) suddenly shout at me and ask me to get up !! Hey ..who the heck are you !! You are the one who always sleep in the class during lesson !! I know u like attention..he is the one who always trying to make fun of others so he can attract attention to him. You know those kind of classical brat kid who longed for attention . Ya I know it is my fault to sleep at those time but hey is there a need to shout and whats so big deal about it !! I just kept silence as i don't trouble trouble unless trouble troubles me. Just really feel sick thinking of it. Grrrrr.......

Then after that it is another small meeting in my lab room. My teacher gave us so many stuffs to do in the summer holiday which means my summer holiday is gone. I still have to study for my exam...arghhh !! Next when Im finally back at my room , i made mistake on writing some very important stuff !! Have to take another new application form. Such a bad day..dont u agree ? At least give me some happiness tonight......

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The second

So as expected i passed Gidai. Of course Im happy but not very. I dont know why. Actually I really like this school as i can do my favourite research there and i believe it will one day ultimately become useful to this society. Unfortunately ,people normally will look down on this school , just because it is comparatively easy to enter . Why ? Should I care ? Anyway I think i will give a try on other universities too just to at least make sure i wont regret in the future. I wanna live to my heart , i dont wanna lie to him . I know my heart want it so I will try but of course I understand that attempt doesnt necessarily mean success. However , I just cant understand why i cant really concentrate into something for a long time. I need concentration !! I know if i do i can !! But on the same time , I dont like putting excess pressures into my life so I just wanna try hard but not too hard. Sounds like a loser ? So be it ....I have my own way to success. I believe that if we have a aim , sooner or later we will reach it !! One simple rule , practice good attitude.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The first

I am not a blogger and I dont want to be one. Just wanna spend some time to practice my english here maybe. Anyway i was never good in writing and i prefer to use my mouth most of the time.
What should i write ? mm...lately i have been busy studying for university entrance exam with most of time spend in front of the desk. Of course my laptop is on my desk too. So if im not on my book then im on the net !! I wanna go outside and enjoy the coming summer holiday. Sometimes I do wonder why do i have to force myself to study so hard in order to get into so-called "good " university . What if I get into it ? Will it do any good to my future ? place is not a problem but attitude is , isnt it ? Actually i just love city and somewhere near the airport , im trying my luck so that i can spend another 2 years around tokyo.
On the meantime , living in somewhere remote too wont be so bad , isnt it ? At least i can save more money and the people there i assume will be warmer and of course maybe i can concentrate more on my studies or my future research. Again there is no perfect place...i just wanna try and even if i fail just be optimistic and face it. There are many solutions to a problem.