Thursday, July 19, 2007

The second

So as expected i passed Gidai. Of course Im happy but not very. I dont know why. Actually I really like this school as i can do my favourite research there and i believe it will one day ultimately become useful to this society. Unfortunately ,people normally will look down on this school , just because it is comparatively easy to enter . Why ? Should I care ? Anyway I think i will give a try on other universities too just to at least make sure i wont regret in the future. I wanna live to my heart , i dont wanna lie to him . I know my heart want it so I will try but of course I understand that attempt doesnt necessarily mean success. However , I just cant understand why i cant really concentrate into something for a long time. I need concentration !! I know if i do i can !! But on the same time , I dont like putting excess pressures into my life so I just wanna try hard but not too hard. Sounds like a loser ? So be it ....I have my own way to success. I believe that if we have a aim , sooner or later we will reach it !! One simple rule , practice good attitude.

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