Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The first

I am not a blogger and I dont want to be one. Just wanna spend some time to practice my english here maybe. Anyway i was never good in writing and i prefer to use my mouth most of the time.
What should i write ? mm...lately i have been busy studying for university entrance exam with most of time spend in front of the desk. Of course my laptop is on my desk too. So if im not on my book then im on the net !! I wanna go outside and enjoy the coming summer holiday. Sometimes I do wonder why do i have to force myself to study so hard in order to get into so-called "good " university . What if I get into it ? Will it do any good to my future ? place is not a problem but attitude is , isnt it ? Actually i just love city and somewhere near the airport , im trying my luck so that i can spend another 2 years around tokyo.
On the meantime , living in somewhere remote too wont be so bad , isnt it ? At least i can save more money and the people there i assume will be warmer and of course maybe i can concentrate more on my studies or my future research. Again there is no perfect place...i just wanna try and even if i fail just be optimistic and face it. There are many solutions to a problem.

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