Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where should I go ?


The pic in my last blog is taken during my visit to Yokohama. Yokohama is now celebrating 150 years anniversary since the 1st time they opened their port for foreign traders.

The famous spider but what a spider has to do with Yokohama??
Joining the crowd to enter Yokohama :p
Yokohama was fun as my friend came all the way from Osaka and join us.

Thats all, don't like to write about something that is past..haha

Summer is coming soon again, where should I go ? Thinking of holidaying in Japan as this year might be the last year. Yes I am in my final year at last !! 7 years for my 1st degree..what a long way :(

Lately I have been thinking on should I continue study and if so should I continue studying in Japan.

All this while, I have been studying because I have to or so say just to score for exam but from now on it is different. I can choose. I can work or even start my own venture business.

Life is short. Youth time is even shorter. Follow your heart not the stream or will get drown. mmm...

Thinking of even take a lap year and study spanish in South America..everyone will think that I am crazy..haha

or maybe continue my master in Australia.After so many years being suap by JPA, can I survive without one...mmm..


Dont care, better think where should I go for summer holiday..haha

A picture from just conluded Asean festival.Spot the gaijin!! Always like candid shot :)


batman said...'s really a hard question.To continue master or work.

In my opinion, if u dun wnn makan gaji for ur whole life and want to make ur own business as it is more free, studying master is a waste. I dont recomment u study master.

Starting a business u need modal, keberanian and good partners as well. I think u can try it. Just that,where to find good partner? He/she must be able to help u and support u all the time. hmm...

Maybe im wrong but anyway, for me i think u are not suitable to makan gaji for long time.
Sendiri fikir baik2 ya..

Kelly said...

Your thoughts echos mine..I have been thinking about the same,minus the venture out to business on my own part.

To make a change also need quite some courage don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Robert Frost choose the road not taken. It needs alot of courage to make that decision.

If I were him, i'll take the same road as well.

As you said, life is short. Do what ever you can to make ur life's journey interesting & without regrets by end of the day.

I believe you can make it as well.
Choose wisely while u can. All the best to you :)

stevelee67 said...


Yeah, instead of courage I would say calculated risk :p

Thx for encouraging words :)

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