Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Short weekend holiday

My school sponsored us,the kisarazu kosen foreign students to holiday yet again. This time it is a bit different as it is a combine trip with oyama kosen foreign students and it is 2 days long. They came to visit our kosen.

On the 1st day, we played a friendly football match. We as the home team lost 2-3 !! such a shame :( When we were leading 2-1,suddenly they got a penalty and a fast goal was soon to follow up too.When we were just trying to attack back, the game was ended by my sensei as it is time to depart. 悔しいです!!
Then we went to a small aquarium museum and day one trip just ended like that. But actually the fun part come in the night when we have our own free time. I teached my kohais and oyama kosen fellow a game called "mafia" and we really enjoyed the game that we played till 4 something.

The next day, our 1st stop was a famous lighthouse called nojima lighthouse in chiba, tateyama area.
Taken from the top.Should have taken the lighthouse horr...abit disappointed :(
Our group photo:
Can u noticed that i'm barefooted ?

Actually before the pic was taken, I ventured into the sea barefooted!!
On the way back, I carelessly fell into the sea and injured my left foot!!Needless to say, for the rest of the day I sited in the bus with my pants wet.can u see the super tiny cut on my foot ? After i got that cut, two beautiful girls came over and helped me cleaned it. A blessing in disguise? haha

Next we visited a shrine which has the biggest marble block on top of its roof.It is being recognised by the world guiness book of record, so says the guide. It cant be seen clearly in this picture, but actually the marble block continues into the pic.

Then we headed to a boat trip where they threw food into the sea to attract madai fish. But sadly, before the slower fish can get a bite on it many birds came and rob it away. But still i enjoy the view of birds too !!
Next we went for some routine souvenirs buying and thats the end of my this short trip. Now i injured both my left and right foot...am worrying now that i cant enjoy snowboard later this month :(


oshin said...

Get helped from pretty gals wo...u purposely 'kena' cut de, isn't it? hehehehe

ryon said...

hehe, haih, guy, can u plz take more care on ur body? always take it for granted one. :p

calvin said...

cause #1: you soak you smelly legs into the sea water.
effect #1: the angry sea water made you fell into the sea.

cause #2: you fell into the sea.
effect #2: you had a cut on your foot.

cause #3: you injured yourself.
effect #3: you got your foot cleaned by two BEAUTIFUL (you claimed) girls.

cause #4: both girls cleaned your cut.
effect #4: you were in heaven.

conclusion: you were in heaven just because you soaked your smelly legs into the sea water. interesting...

that's all folks =P

nazrul said...

baka gaijin otsukare!!!(笑)

Kelly said...

take care of yourself lar.I agree with Ryon,it seems that u always take ur body for granted..shirtless on mt fuji,now this?

Anonymous said...

pls take care of yourself,親に恵まれた体を惜しんでください。If not, not only your parents sad, LJ also 心配. Dont make her shinpai mah...hehehe...

CRAPPED!! said...

Getting your foot cut to attract beautiful(?) girls....hmm...interesting.

Must try it out some day...

lyk said...

ok,足と怪我の話をやめようか。lets play mafia again some time.=)
guess u will be the 1st victim again in everygame.if u havent be killed,then u will be suspected as mafia and kicked out again.