Monday, January 14, 2008

Auto Salon 2008

What is Auto Salon ?
Me myself not so sure, just happened that Randy asked me and since I am free I just went.

After some simple explanation from him, then only i know that it is an exhibition about
specially modified car.But to me it is more like a girl exhibition as it is just so obvious as the crowd gathers only at booths where they have the best models but not cars !!
one of a good example where only 2 girls in blue can attract most of the crowd attention whereas nobody cares cars with no least got some-lah!!you see got one guy resting his hand at a great yellow sporting car.

there is an advantage though.With everybody busy with cars which has girls only I can easily snap famous car like this Lamborghini sports car !!

compared to motor show, i could only took its emblem from afar
this time i can go real close and it is just so inviting !!
As there are no any "Do not sit" signs so I jumped into it..!!(with a little push from Randy..hehe)Within seconds, someone came and warned me off.I walked away and when i turned back..they implemented "dasar pintu tertutup". The seat was so comfortable..what a waste..

some of the cars i like
subaru imprezza..offers great 4WD control

great one seater small truck

nice-colored BMW

nice car with nice girl

some crazy stuffs...
this car was used in a car-football match. Ya a car can actually play soccer and this is the ball

a car with a lot of screens all over.Even the door has 6 little screens.

a car with its body painted with naked girls.

by the way, i found a decent house last Sunday but i was rejected simply because im a foreigner. So was really a good one.Hope that the owner of house which I'm going to see this weekend wont be someone who is afraid of foreigner like me. (not all foreigners are terrorist..ok!!)

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ns29 said...

i want to try the naked printed car in malaysia..

Anonymous said...

I want naked printed car!! I know you want it also. hehehe...

calvin said...

as long as uncle samy is still there, i don't think it will be possible to have a naked-printed car in malaysia...

CRAPPED!! said...

Put a few dots on the forehead of the nude girls and he will allow it!!

Haha....why is it always so easy to convince you to do any mischief I have in mind? It's as if I' m the devil himself!!

Anonymous said...

hey, found ur house already? or still finding??

orangesan said...

nice car n pretty girl too. got handsome or cute de guys there???

funkey said...

hello dude, what a nice pictures u have there. the gals there so sexy, arent they? mind to post more piks to fullfil our chase to sexiness. ^^