Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy or not = a choice ??

Lately has been very busy that i dont even have time to write anything here.

Lately, I wonder why am I always busy. Ya I got alot of school assignments and etc. But everybody has the same time, why sometimes I feel that other people looks more free. And I realised that it is my fault. I should not have join so many activities and etc...but no fun no life right? So really wanna emphasis on efficiency lately.If i can cut the time used to do assignments then i will be very free..and enjoy more...hehe :)

Anyway gonna go out soon to celebrate my friend's birthday.


By the way...I am so sad that my favourite team Chelsea lost in champions league final. I hate Man U!!

me busy doing experiment


ns29 said...

not lately but really so long time..

calvin said...

Got to agree with ns29.
Anyway, you cannot hate the team who won it 'coz they won it on merit ;)

Kelly said...

Agree with you that no fun=no life..Have fun doing your assignments as well,then it'll be enjoyment all along.(easier said than done though=P)

Anonymous said...

poor ah boon!
u look slimmer than last time!
No matter how busy u are dont skip ur meal ok? must eat enough so that u can get enough energy to 'fight' with ur assignments!!