Thursday, May 29, 2008

special restaurant

Exam coming soon !! full of worries and happiness..strange? ya ..i am

Today I was late for class.The 1st since I entered University. Luckily it didn't happen during exam day..phew..I guess I should buy an alarm clock !!

Last weekend,went to celebrate Loke Eng birthday in a special restaurant the other day. It is a jail cum hospital restaurant.
I drank a girl's brain water..hehe

Instead of the usual bell, have to bang onto the jail door to call for service...

Got special show to entertain us this

This show is about they caught a bad guy and take care of just happened in front of our jail bar. So nice..especially with the last suprising act.

I recommend this place.


ns29 said...

i am still wondering what show is that..
if a bar then ok
if a restaurant,eat in this kind of place!?!?

Jasmine Teh said...

O..good luck for your exam..:P..Too late? might not need this so never mind..:P

steveee67 said...

luck is never enough. Thanks

Kim Huey said...

I was here.

That restaurant looks creepy