Friday, November 7, 2008

Busy days ahead

Summer has gone. Winter is approaching and I can foresee a very hectic schedule ahead.

Having to do both 3rd year and 2yr year classes is really turning my head around. With 2 big projects on both sides is really very challenging. Furthermore, a lot of social activities to take care of too.

One project is to design a new plan to develop 自由が丘駅 ( a busy but not properly built railway station). It is almost a must to go everyday to check the trafic volume.Another project is to design a bridge which is much more fun.The winner can earn a free trip to America next March. Thats why everybody is working real hard on it..and I have to play my part too...aisyhh.

By the way, I just finished a mini bridge contest last week. Despite being the worst performer because my paper bridge can only hold 6kg but still my group won the good design award. Here is the video.
Can you see my funny reaction when the bridge collapsed ? No ? then better see it again..haha
My Jap friend reviewed it so many times.

Other than that, I have to prepare for a conference which will be held in New Zealand end of this month.Ya..i will be going to NZ for free..hehe. Malaysian doesnt need a visa to enter NZ rite ?Do we?
Anyone got any idea on must do things in NZ.?


Crabbed!! said...

Cool...nice life you're having there...

Kelly said...

Busy but enjoying at the same time huh?Hope you'll have fun in NZ=)

Anonymous said...

your 表情 quite funny but still yao yeng. hahaha

lai said...

NZ ah...bungee jumping ..?