Thursday, September 20, 2007

i conquered Mt Fuji - shirtless

It is the highest mountain in Japan. The weather is harsh on the top. EAsily around 2-3 degrees or even below freezing point. But I and one of my equally crazy friend conquered it without our shirt on...haha !! CAnt u feel the difference looking on what other people are wearing ?
PS: Dont try it. I caught a cold straight after that !!


Michael said...

Have you climb Gunung Kinabalu before?(^^)


Kelly said...

Of all the craziest thing to get shirtless on top of a mountain..haha..

Suan said...

u r totally crazy!!!!
how come u hv such an idea??
i dun even hv da encourage to climb fuji san


stevelee67 said...

I climbed Mt Kinabalu before but only until halfway as back then i dont have enough time.

congrats ?? anyway it was actually my friend's idea !!

Anonymous said...

can u look at my face...i was damned cool there...