Monday, September 24, 2007

tokyo game show 2007

Im in the middle of year-end semester exam but there is no reason not to have fun right ??
So I went to the famous one of only two game shows in the world. I am not an avid gamer as I am 5-6 years ago. Lately I am abit outdated from the game world but nonetheless i still enjoyed the gameshow.

Though I have to admit that cosplay which is the side show ( or to some it is the mainshow :p) was really interesting. HEre is pic of a girl I took and she told me not to spread it or blog it...who cares...hehe !! Then off course there are many who like to be taken...

There are still a lot of great cosplays but for long i havent equip myself with my camera so i can only take limited pictures with my handphone. MY camera's battery is lousy which can only lasts at most 1 hour :(

By the way , anyone here knows japanese idol,ASami ?? I was so lucky to win in a small competition and got a fan from her with her signature on it !! But the problem is I dont who is she and will never be a fan of her. Still it is such a waste to throw it away right ? anyone interested ??

she is so heavily surrounded by her fan so i can only manage her side photo !!looks familiar to you ?


ryon said...

hehe, who cares, let enjoy when exam la. not need to be so pressure now. o, the gal din sit down for u to take the pic? mottainai:-p

cwlim said...

looks like u have a lot of fun there.feel regret for couldn't go with u.しょがない,makuhari is too far from my place!

Anonymous said...

war....pretty .....the girl


CRAPPED!! said...

Oi!! I want the fan she gave you!!